Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ukraine Crash A Propaganda Gem

The area where the Malaysian passenger jet MH17 fell in Ukraine is a crash site not a crime site! Painting it as a crime site does not make it so. Whether shot down by accident or intentionally, most of the evidence on how and why this occurred will most likely come from sources other than where the flight went down. I for one feel total disgust and find myself seriously distressed that this tragedy has become nothing more than a propaganda gem to be exploited by those who what to galvanize public opinion against Russia and demonize Vladimir Putin. 
MH17 Is A Human Tragedy

Anyone that has had dealings with so called authorities descending upon their community with ridicule and an agenda can understand the angst of the locals in the crash area. On one hand the locals are told to leave the bodies and all things alone while no real help arrives to set things right. A group of suits flown into a city miles away who visit the crash site for a very short time to view evidence but not collect bodies would rile anyone having to deal with such a bunch of clowns masquerading as help. 

From my experience I suspect many of these investigators and officials could not speak the language and were busy making unrealistic demands on the locals. This would extend to criticizing those who did not bend over to do their bidding and labeling them as uncooperative. A few years ago a large dog that had gotten away from its owner somewhere in the area was hit and killed in front of a building that I owned. A motorist pulled the 90 pound animal up on the city sidewalk leaving him only feet from my front door.

Upon calling the city to have the body of the dead dog picked up they informed my that if the animal was on the sidewalk I would have to dispose of it. The dispatcher suggested I check again to see if it was indeed in the street and not on the sidewalk, to my surprise it was. Not to say the body of a person falling from the sky is like a dog hit by a car I will say neither should be left for days in the sun or where animals are able to feast on the remains. A strong case can be made that it is disrespectful to not cover or move the body to a safe area. 

An article on MSN said ( Fighting flared in eastern Ukraine overnight. The government said it was pressing its offensive near Donetsk and Luthansk.. Malaysia, whose national airline has been battered by its second major disaster this year, said it was "inhumane" to bar access to the site around the village of Hrabove, near Donetsk, but said Russia was doing its "level best" to help.) I would think Ukraine would halt action if they really wanted inspectors and clean up crews to be able to do their work. 

Remember this is a war zone and it does not seem prudent to fly directly over the center of a war zone at only one thousand feet above the official limit. While it may later be proven otherwise most likely the jet was shot down by a missile by accident over a war zone. It is possible more sinister motives exist and the act was intentional but if so a strong argument can be made that Putin had far more to lose by this event than  he could ever hope to gain. Sadly, the deaths of hundreds of innocent people is being used by those who want to fan the flames of war. For them flight MH17 is merely a propaganda gem that has fallen from the sky.

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