Sunday, October 26, 2014

Transgender Pregnant Man?

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This article was titled "Sexual Confusion On Steroids" after a piece on the changing design of clothing on the PBS Newshour left me confused. They started by going into how Facebook had added options other than male and female to give people more options. Carrying the thought forward I wondered if they would have a box for me such as megamale, allmale, or ultramale. While I was pondering this they hit me with how in today's world many people wanted to be outside the box, I found unsettling.

The PBS news story delves into changing fashion and how Rachel Tutera says it wasn’t until she started wearing boy’s clothes as a pre-teen, that she started to feel like the most authentic version of herself. Yet the 29-year-old says shopping for clothes in the men’s department left her feeling insecure and self-conscious. Nothing ever fit her proportions. So she was resigned to thinking that’s just the way it was.

PBS continues about how the experience made Tutera want to pass that feeling on to others. So she approached the New York based made-to-order-men’s suit company, “Bindle and Keep” convincing the owner that he was overlooking an under-served market. Not only masculine women, but also transgender men and other gender non-conforming people who want well-fitting, men’s suits. She soon became the company’s LGBTQ liaison, serving hundreds of people all over the country who sometimes spend up to 1,500 dollars for their custom made suit.

May I suggest that "over questioning" something might tend to just lead to more problems. My libertarian core endorses a path to freedom and choice but requires we do so in a responsible way and personally bear the cost of our journey. While not trying to hold back personal choice and freedom I do have a habit of coming back around to "cost" and who should have to pay for it. An example might be the cost of a sex change operation because nature happened to get it wrong. If you think society should pony up the money to turn me into a pretty girl should they also have to pay to change me back if I miss the old me?

Who are these many people, or this growing segment of the population? Could I be the one who is confused about my sexuality and be so closed mind that I have failed to grasp all the options before me? As I read this question aloud the person sitting behind me just muttered in a quiet tone "oh god". When it comes to the "newfangled" fashions you might expect me to say wow, but instead  I'm more surprised than amazed. Call me unenlightened but after finding this all a bit humorous it then began to feel unsettling. It appears that I'm still comfortable in the same old box of the unpandering politically incorrect who is still trying to understand why the PBS Newshour felt this was news worth covering.

Footnote; If you have read this far I concede this is not an area that I often write about and most likely will not revisit soon. As always other related articles may be found in my blog archive. Thanks for reading, your comments are encouraged.


  1. "...I do have a habit of coming back around to "cost" and who should have to pay for it."

    Not just monetarily, but who pays emotionally, its the entire family and I believe society pays as well.

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  3. I can answer most anything you'd like to ask on this subject if you have a sincere desire to know more. I too share a libertarian bent (albeit, I consider myself a practical libertarian rather than a zealot) so I think I get the sensibilities you are bringing to the question.

    There's pretty much nothing I can't answer for you, other than the most technical scientific details, but I don't want to invest the time in such a quiet location unless I believe they information is being honestly considered.