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Russia Driven Into China's Arms By Bad American Policy

China And Russia Now Hold Joint Military Exercises
It is difficult to understand why any country would adopt a foreign policy so stupid it results in driving its chief adversaries into each other's arms but that is exactly what America has done. The clowns directing such things could not have devised a more self-defeating pathway to take us down if they had made it their goal. While there is much blame to lay about we must place a great deal of it at the feet of the Obama administration.  Putin, when challenged, ran over Obama and showed the world who ran the show in both Syria and Ukraine. We can thank Obama's misguided policies and all the anti-Russian talk flowing out of America for this. Much of what we see today grows out of Putin's mid-2012 response to Obama. 

Simply put, Putin is a thorn in the side of America's deep state and the pro "New World Order" forces. He stands as a shield against the Western progressive vision of what mankind’s future ought to be and rejects the New World Order agenda established at the Cold War’s end by the United States. By putting "Russia first" he defies progressives and speaks for those millions of Europeans who wish to restore their national identities and recapture their lost sovereignty from the supranational European Union. When pressed Putin is non-apologetic in reminding the world Russia has a huge nuclear arsenal and will use it if necessary.

Our deep state's relentless effort to destroy Putin has failed and instead elevated his position as a power broker. Over the years we have seen Putin reach out and establish relationships and bonds with many countries in reaction to the constant barrage and attacks from the warmongers of the deep state, however, the biggest and most concerning should be the growing bond between China and Russia which is based on logic and reciprocity. Russia which borders China has vast natural resources and China has become a low-cost producer of consumer goods searching for a market so the potential for trade is massive and a big win-win for both the economy of China and Russia. 

The irony of what is happening should not be lost nor the cost America has incurred underestimated as a result of our poorly crafted policies. While many Americans cringe when they think about the billions of dollars of consumer goods we import from China every month what makes it even more bizarre is that China is an American made product. Decades ago America started down a perilous path to build China into a world power,  a  pathological fear of  Russia and the Kremlin’s atheism caused America to seek a counterbalance in the region. Central to the American effort was offering the prospect of economic incentives to China, we combined this with a hard-line military response to communist aggression.

China Is An American Created Export Machine
In America's arrogance and efforts to control the world, we greatly underestimated the Chinese leader's ability to bend our goals to fit their needs. We also did not consider how such an underdeveloped nation would be able to retain an anti-American or shall we call it a China first attitude as they took advantage of a system where they reinvested their profits and bought our debt thus giving them influence and sway over our future policies. Few Americans ever though China would rapidly to challenge America economically and worse yet gain massive influence across the world.

Back in the 1970s when MAD (mutually assured destruction) and the communists' stated goal of global domination defined much of international politics the US foreign policy initiative aimed at splitting China from the USSR was an obvious choice.  While China and the Soviet Union regarded one another as strategic adversaries during the Cold War, our main enemy was Russia, so increasing the divide by strengthening our ties with China by helping develop their economy made sense. For straightforward geopolitical reasons America went down this path, but the path became a slippery slope, a slide greased by greed and short-term self-interest. Those who let this nightmare get out of hand should have been forewarned, "be careful what you wish for."

To support China’s economic growth and over 1.3 billion people an export machine has developed with unintended consequences. Absorbing the products created by China's export agenda has resulted in a decline and stagnation in the output of many industrialized countries. Because of low production cost, and little regulation, jobs, and work began to be shifted and "outsourced" to China. Disloyal multinationals are now shipping their products great distances from China to the same infrastructure that they have abandoned and left with excess capacity. The point is many people underestimate or have simply forgotten just how much America has added to China's growth curve or how China's rapid growth mask many weaknesses within its system. Poorly built ghost cities are a monument to China's flawed rapid growth which when not subsidized by America is not sustainable and may end rather abruptly.

Russia's Big Bet On China's Demand For Natural Gas
Circling back to the crux of this article which centers on how we have caused Sino-Russian relations, the international relationship between China and Russia, which dramatically improved after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the Russian Federation in 1991, to grow cozy and warm. Not only are the two countries politically aligned but they also have complementary economies, China with its insatiable appetite for the raw materials which Russia has in abundance and is thrilled to exchange for badly needed consumer goods. Because of this bilateral trade, has soared, at the end of 2017, it stood at $80 billion, an increase of 30 percent year-on-year, with an aim to reach $200 billion by 2024,

Below is a list of some of the most obvious ways the relationship between China and Russia has been transformed in recent years:
  • China has now become Russia’s single biggest trade partner.
  • Since 2015 Russia has been China's top supplier of crude oil, displacing Saudi Arabia by almost doubling its capacity to pipe crude oil to China, to about 600,000 barrels per day.
  • China and Russia have increased coordination at the U.N. Security Council.
  • Regional coordination in Asia with Russia supplying the engines for Chinese-Pakistani fighter jets has resulted in worrying India which is seeing Russia move into the Chinese orbit and less neutral
  • What is viewed as The Shanghai Cooperation Organization has substantially increased
  • The relationship between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, who meet each other with increased regularity has grown much closer.
  • Joint military exercises between the two have become routine and this year Russia supplied China with its most advanced S-400 air defense system as well as Sukhoi SU-35 fighter aircraft
  • Increased willingness on the part of Russia to thwart Washington's argument that China is a threat to Moscow's aims in the East.
Much of this trade will be based on energy for consumer goods with the Power of Siberia pipeline and other planned projects making natural gas a huge component. The new "Power of Siberia" natural gas pipeline set to start pumping 38 billion cubic meters (1.3 trillion cubic feet) of natural gas per year to northern China in December 2019. Chinese investment and energy purchases have made it easier for Russia to resist economic pressure over Ukraine and Crimea. To top this off Russian sales of oil, missile defense systems, and jets are changing U.S. calculations in the Pacific and raising the potential cost of any future showdown between America and China. The non-conflicting interests of Europe and China as two very independent destinations for gas and oil have given Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak more freedom and power in plotting a course forward.

There is a bottom-line here and it is that those inside our government have and are continuing to poison the well. The policy Obama employed backfired only enhancing Putin's image while causing Putin to turn Eastward and expand economic ties with our enemies. This did not quiet his detractors but caused them to create even more outlandish narratives about Russian aggression including how they interfered in our election and pressuring Trump to go down the same path. Too many Americans who remember how Obama threatened the UK just before the Brexit vote by threatening that if passed America would send Britain to the end of the line when it came to trade such claims ring of hypocrisy but even acknowledging this has not caused America to alter its destructive path.

Footnote; Many Americans don't really know very much about Russia and most of what they have been told has been filtered through a national security apparatus entrenched in a cold war mindset. The fact is Russia's economy is rather small and while over the years they produce and export a lot of weapons their military is not well funded. More on Russia today in the article below.
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  1. I don't believe Obama actually initiated or oversaw any policies. He seemed to be a mouthpiece delivering someone else's content to American progressives who were blinded by their admiration for an African-American president. It would be interesting to know who pulls his strings. As a world leader the weak, ineffective Obama is the opposite of Putin, who projects strength.

  2. "It is difficult to understand why any country would adopt a foreign policy so stupid it results in driving its chief adversaries into each other's arms but that is exactly what America has done".

    Yes. This will be remembered in the history books as the core reason for what will be by then the marginalization of the US.

    The Russian drive East as answer to Obama's policies against Russia
    intersected with China's drive West as answer to Obama's TPP trade deal that excluded China.

    Furthermore the rejection of TTP by Trump turned the whole of North-East (Confucian civilizational area) and South East Asia (Asian) in the fold of a new Grand China economic area.

    It was indeed US Foreign policy that pushed Russia to drive East and China to drive West (BRI). And these two movements are presently shaping the contours of the "greater economic area of Eurasia" (from Lisbon to Vladivostok and Singapore).

    Where does the US fit in this great game?
    1. sabotaging the build-up of the "greater economic area of Eurasia" will isolate the US on the margins of this new economy-world
    2. associating itself with China and Russia to execute this build-up could integrate the US in this new economy-world