Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt is Back!

What can one say about the big blow out win that Newt achieved last night in South Carolina? Much of the recent volitility in the recent Republican primaries can be attributed to the media making a candidate into the "flavor of the day" then crushing that person on a whim. Candidates rise like shooting stars to be proclaimed our salvation then fall back to Earth just as quickly. 

How many times can the main stream media ignore Ron Paul? All this is part of the game as the media tells us what to think. Many Americans appear to have become tired of this constant spin. Yes, this is the same media game that gave America George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Fortunately "live broadcast" over the internet and air waves are effecting the way we interpret events. Much like the messages between people did during the Arab Spring these broadcasts could be called "green shoots" of freedom.

The huge number of  live televised debates is making it more difficult for the pundents and media to control opinion during this political season. Newt has seized on the anger directed towards the media and establishment as a result of their constant and unending manipulation of reality and facts. The people are pissed off, yes the tea party, yes the occupy  wall street, and yes these asked to pay for a Government that is too big, too expensive, too ineffective and out of touch.

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