Thursday, February 9, 2012

Romney Rejected Again!

If you did not know better you would think that Republican voters are less then impressed by Mitt Romney. Last Tuesday night Romney has lost all three recent state cacsues to Rick Santorum and came in behind Ron Paul in Minnesota. This has upended the race for the Republican nomination.

Colorado's race see-sawed throughout the night until 11 p.m., when Colorado GOP chairman Ryan Call declared Santorum the winner. Santorum beat Mitt Romney 40 percent to 35 percent with 99 percent of precincts reporting. "This is a major upset," said Denver-based political analyst Floyd Ciruli. "Definitely, there is a new story now."

Even Romney, who easily won Colorado's Republican contest in 2008 with 60 percent of the vote, acknowledged in his speech from the Auraria campus his new challenger. Romney said "This was a good night for Rick Santorum, but I still expect to become the nominee."

This ties in with my January 22, 2012 blog titled "Newt Is Back!" and "A Few Primary Thoughts Concerning Politics!" published on Febuary 5,2012. It seems that Republican voters are not sold on Romney. The big question is how to decide on someone that can defeat Obama, on that I have little advice.

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