Saturday, August 4, 2012

Guess I am A Pirate, 200 Years To Late

Guess I am A Pirate, 200 Years To Late, words from a Jimmy Buffet song that seem to stir more then a few souls. It is the time of year when parrot-heads trek off and make their pilgrimage to concerts celebrating a kind of easy going, philosophical island existence. This often ends with kindred spirits of all ages coming together and enjoying the moment. We should not underestimate the importance of this kind of cultural cross generational bonding that is rare in today's "go go, youth oriented" culture.

Not only is it healthy for people of all ages to come together and share a common experience, but it is important to remember feeling are a common thread. Even if we were born at different times, that does not mean we have not walked down the same path. Oh, the sweet naive thoughts of youth, the days when "we knew it all." Note, growing older does not mean one cannot remain young at heart, yes the fire can still burn within, the young would be wise not to discount the wisdom of those that have been seasoned.

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