Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bill Clinton verses George Bush

Is Bill Clinton running against George Bush in the 2012 Presidential election? With all the campaigning Bill Clinton is doing, and the constant line drumming from the White House that America is facing a return to the policies that got "America into this mess", a voter might get that impression. The truth is Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are the choice flavors of the day. While Obama holds the edge when it comes to style, and a "cute" use of words, such as "sketchy", this election is about the economy and getting America going. When you compare the resume of the two men that are running Romney wins hands down.

While the media has gone on to calling Bill Clinton, "the explainer and chief" I still remember him by the moniker, Slick Willie. Etched into my memory is the image of Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal pondering the definition of "IS". Sometimes as we look into the rear-view mirror things become bit distorted. To many Americans looking back in time and seeking a more gentle existence, Clinton has morphed into the best thing since sliced bread, but in reality he may not of been so good, he was just followed by something worse.

While not coming across as the most engaging and likable, Romney's resume shouts "most competent." Romney has a history of serving his fellow man but a religious background that makes talking about it a form of bragging. He is hard working and well anchored. I suspect that the American people would not see him taking expensive vacations with a large entourage at the taxpayers expense. The most telling sign, twice recently I witnessed on news clips that as Romney arrived at events he exited a car and his plane carrying his own bag.

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  1. Bruce ,

    Am here in the UK and have just discovered your blog today .

    Hope American's don't get upset by these comments on your domestic situation from an outsider .

    I don't think Romney was the right wing crazy he was being portrayed as .

    Ron Paul actually had something different to say from all the other politicians in the West even if his foreign policy was too radical .

    At least the US avoided Rick Santorum . I can't understand how he got as far as he did .