Thursday, November 1, 2012

Election Disgust

It is disgusting that this country has such a pathetic and stupid method to select a president. It is now clear that only a few states and counties will decide who will hold the oval office. Recent polling over the past few days shows Mitt Romney enjoying a slight advantage nationwide and Barack Obama holding the edge in the electoral college. This election has been called "too close to call" by many, in truth it is "impossible to call". The final results will depend on what happens on the ground. The latest polls indicate we risk Romney getting a majority of the popular vote but Obama being reelected based on the electoral college.

In 1992, millionaire Ross Perot damaged the incumbent George H W Bush and helped to propel Bill Clinton to the White House with only 43% of the popular vote. And Ralph Nader is still vilified by some Democrats for taking crucial votes away from Al Gore in Florida. It is most likely that the few minor party candidates that are running will not effect this election, but they could, as even a few votes could skew the results and tilt the election. If  a gap exists between the enthusiasm of either candidate's supporters it will determine who is the next President. The so-called "swing states" will make our choice for us.

As we look at a swing state, we must ask what influences the vote in that particular state. Factors like their unemployment rate and the demographics, Obama benefits if a state has an unemployment rate below the national average or a large number of minorities reside in the state. One thing is clear, this system needs to be changed, it makes a mockery of the idea that every vote counts. If you look at the areas getting attention, or where the money is being spent, you quickly realize some votes count a lot more than others.

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  1. I think that the "Idol" television series shows direct democracy in action. The "candidates" are all heard. There is no interference by Pac groups. Campaign financing is reduced to Zero. Party politics are replaced by greater and greater respect amongst the contestants. In the end, the top ten( or top twelve, or top 100 can represent the entire country and encourage the young to great aspirations while comforting the seniors with a sense of satisfaction and hope. If we really want the public to get involved in their own government, why not follow a pattern that works?