Sunday, December 9, 2012

What is the definition of "IS"?

When it comes to the way many media host conduct their interviews on the Sunday morning talk shows the spin is incredible. The host often loads the question then bends the answer. Bias moderators who lead talk shows concerning important topics in America and Washington ask a question then interject their opinions and ideas right over the top of the guest answers. It is not uncommon to hear questions asked that can't be answered or the answers have nothing to do with the question. I'm reminded of the infamous response Bill Clinton gave to a question during an interview, "it all depends on your definition of is."

As an example imagine a host allowing the following answer from a man with a history of violence that was recently released from prison to the following question. Have you stopped beating your wife? The convict would say: "That depends on your definition of beating. I may rough her up a little now and then, you know, back hand her across the mouth or kick her, but no I don't beat her anymore." I suppose if when you use the term "beat", you mean with an object like a pipe or stick, the answer would be, yes this man has reformed.

When trying to interpret the information we garner from these shows we should ask, does the host have an agenda? Till the American people and the networks begin to demand more fair and balanced information and fact finding do not expect the quality of these shows to improve. A sad commentary on the pace of modern life is that we have little time to reflect and correct problems like these. When it comes to an event that moves us emotionally we vow to remember it forever but within a few hours it becomes lost in the chaos of everyday life. Do not expect the media to improve or change any time soon.

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