Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scandal, upon scandal, upon scandal!

To say we are awash in scandals is an understatement. It is fortunate that the American people have the attention span of a gnat, this will help them through these troubled times. It is almost guaranteed that  all the scandals and all the revelations that emerge from the nation's capital  will come to naught. A polarized America has become unable to react  with any real outrage. It appears that in its current form our Government has simply become too big to obtain the degree of over-site necessary to keep its agencies in line. These scandals are becoming too many to count, but too small to have much meaning to many people. Even when the law is broken the Presidents supporters often try to argue it away as political nitpicking.

We can go back to the many, big and small blips, such as the fast and furious operation that sent guns into the hands of drug gangs in Mexico, the GSA Las Vegas spending spree, recent revelations of a large number of sexual assaults occurring in the military,  Solyndra which should be placed in the dictionary and defined as "what happens when politicians and bureaucrats play businessman with taxpayer money", the CIA prostitutes fiasco in South America, the recent Fisker Automotive failure that reeks of government cronyism and waste, and the 9-11 Benghazi coverup (this includes the way it was handled in the second presidential debate). Now we add to this the DOJ doing an over the top wiretap at the Associated Press.  It is no wonder or surprising that Washington is now abuzz with hearings. 

With the recent overstep of the IRS, when it targeted conservative groups, and worries about "big brother" infringing on our privacy, those not filing tax forms or paying no taxes seldom have any fear. With, until recently, Timothy Geithner, a tax cheat, in charge of the IRS, what did we expect? A bureaucracy often gets its cues from those at the top, we now face a barrage of expensive hearings, with long-winded politicians, all filled with feelings of self-importance, always asking, who knew what, and when? It seems that with so many Americans glued to their favorite television programs or playing video games, while unable to name the Senators from their home state, it appears that America finally has the government in Washington that it deserves. 

Footnote;  A couple of links to three of the scandals mentioned above are below for your convenience. The first, Fiskers Automotive, this little blip was interesting and should raise an eyebrow but had little staying power.  The second, the GSA Las Vegas  spending spree, not government at its best. Last but not least, Solyndra, an oldie but goodie, but it is now viewed only in the rear-view mirror, it has been lost to the past.

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  1. All these scandals prove that there is no oversight in Washington. Government has become so large and dysfunctional that it can no longer police itself. We as Americans have lost interest, don't expect things to get any better.