Thursday, June 27, 2013

Presidential Climate Change Initiative

The Presidential Climate Change Initiative has been announced, in it Obama works hand in hand with environmental groups and avoids congress. The initiative will be carried out through executive orders by a President that recently has been unfocused and busy addressing scandal, after scandal, after scandal. In his state of the union speech last February,  Obama promised to protect future generations if congress did not act. Today he followed through on that promise by unveiling a climate action plan that includes measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate renewable energy permitting on public lands, and prepare American infrastructure for the impacts of climate change.

The centerpiece of the plan is the announcement that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants, in addition to the rules already in draft form that are set to regulate emissions from new power plants. The White House released a video to explain the importance of these steps in addressing climate change by decarbonizing the economy. Republicans generally oppose government regulations and support free market solutions, however, it appears that congressional Republicans would rather force the Obama administration to regulate emissions then attempt to deal with this important issue. Many lawmakers have delayed action on this issue claiming that this initiative is a job killer that will drive up the cost of energy.

Addressing the threat of climate change in a comprehensive climate action plan is a major step towards reducing the effect of global warming, it may even encourage other countries to move in a similar direction. It's also important to remember that these regulations are required by law, and if congressional Republicans don't like them, they should propose a better solution. Large concerns surrounding climate change policies and how it will affect job creation do remain, some studies show that EPA regulations generally have a modestly positive impact on the economy and jobs but this has yet to be proven. Sadly Obama and lawmakers still seem unwilling to use the dreaded "C word, conserve".

I wrote and posted an article on Mon Dec 24, 2007, criticizing politicians for a lack of courage in environmental policies, it remains as relevant today as when I wrote it. The post subject: Candidates shy away from "C" word,  I find it a shame that none of the Republican Presidential candidates or president Obama tonight in his State Of The Union address have mentioned any real innovative initiative concerning energy conservation. There are many new and exciting ways to recycle and cut energy waste. Public officials seem almost afraid to talk about conserving energy, it is hard to think that they will offend someone or that big business and lobbyist have made the subject taboo, maybe they just don't care about America or the planet on which we live.

Simply mandating lower heating and higher cooling settings in government offices and buildings would give the private sector the cover they need to adjust their thermostats accordingly in offices and stores. A simple yearly fee on inefficient vehicles paid to the states when licenses are renewed would accomplish much in getting Americans to shed their gas guzzlers and move America to more fuel efficient transportation. We are finally seeing a halt to the manufacturing of the low end 80% furnaces that until recently were still being installed in many new homes. We are also phasing out the sale of light fixtures and appliances that fail to make good use of our remaining resources, these are good ideas.

Over the last several years I have had reason to enter many large buildings and offices in the evenings or during weekends. It is truly amazing that on cold winters nights, weekends, and over holidays thermostats are not set-back. Yes all over America we heat empty buildings as though they are occupied. A fair number of computers and lights that are often left on long after everyone is gone for the day, it seems people don't care enough to make the slightest effort to turn down the heat or turn off a light. Without a gentle nudge to conserve, America will never achieve energy independence.

Innovation does not always involve creating and spending billions of dollars, sometimes it means installing simple inexpensive timers in the right place or changing a person's perspective and attitude. Innovation means thinking of new ways to get the job done. As we conserve, pollution is reduced. America's economy will be strengthened by reducing the importation of energy, new jobs will be generated by the industries that address these needs, and damage to the climate from global warming lessened. Why are politicians so willing and eager to ask America's sons and daughters to risk life and limbs in foreign wars while unwilling to ask Americans to make such a minor sacrifice? The President should lead the way by ending the many flights he takes on Air Force-1 to play golf and do fundraisers.

Footnote; on April 12, 2012, I posted what turned out to be one of the most popular posts I have ever written, it deals with how each of us impacts this planet we call home. If you are interested please take a look.


  1. This is a well written condemnation of the powers governing the human race. The meanings of words like "economy", "sustainability", and "progress" have been stolen by the financial sector of society, and the original meanings have been lost through hypnotic brainwashing that starts in childhood. I don't imagine that there will be any conservation without the complete collapse of the present system.

  2. You talk about brain washing while little do you know that your brain is being washed. MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE IS A JOKE!! AGAIN! MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE IS - A - JOKE!! That is why they are not doing anything about it! Because it is not real! If you do your research and look at the facts and still think it's real than you're truly gone and have become one of their brain washed puppets! It's actually quite easy to see how stupid this theory is when you look at the facts and the history of our climate! The only information to support man made climate change is the fact that the climate is changing and there's a lot of CO2 emissions. That's all!! That's like taking a wild stab in the dark! Like the evolution theory.. it's a guess. An assumption. And we all know assumptions make asses out of u and me! There is no hard evidence and in fact there is only contradictions instead!! THE WORST CLIMATE CHANGE THIS EARTH HAS EVER SEEN WAS B-E-F-O-R-E THE INDUSTRIAL AGE!!!! Hmmm.. Strange isn't it? What's even stranger is after the Industrial Age started, climate change evened out. VERY STRANGE!! It would seem as tho the opposite has happened. As soon as we started emitting CO2 on an extremely large scale, the climate all of a sudden became more steady and not as extreme. So seriously, lay the climate change BS to rest because it's NOT REAL!! Why they want us to think it is is beyond me but that's all it is is a scam, a lie. And you're buying into it. Stop worrying about our planet's future because we are NOT destroying it! Thank you and PLEASE, do your own research. Don't just believe everything they tell you! That's what's dangerous! We need more people to think for themselves and question EVERYTHING!

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