Saturday, August 3, 2013

Budget Woes Approching Very Fast

While the subject of the budget has dropped off the radar for a bit as the focus of the American people has wandered off to subjects like NSA surveillance and the death of a black teenager in Florida it seems the budget is about to raise its ugly head again. Sadly little has changed, we have been lulled with the rest of the world into complacency as we have kicked the can down the road and as a nation we have yet to feel much pain from the sequester. Not dealing with what we were told was a massive problem has only reinforced the idea that far too much has been made as to the ramifications of an out of control budget going forward.

This post is to remind you that Congress has left the building, as the "budget deadline" at the end of September creeps towards us Congress has gone off to enjoy its five week summer recess, many of us who live in the working world might dub this a paid vacation. Just imagine the surprise and shock of the American people in early September when they realize that nothing has been done. We are left to fortify ourselves with the knowledge that the President has hit the countryside with the message that he "has again" put front and center the issue of the economy with economic growth as a priority. His message is filled with phrases like fairness, a more prosperous middle class, equality, and opportunity.

Sadly the record of the President falls far short of the credit he heaps upon his administration for bringing America back from the mess he inherited. The never ending blame game also continues as he constantly points his finger at congress and the pesky Republicans who stand in the way of achieving a better future. Polls show just how unpopular Washington has become, some have gone on to call it down right dysfunctional. While the President alludes it is not his fault I'm afraid that many Americans think otherwise placing the blame squarely on his shoulders. Obama's claims that those who oppose him and are attacking his administration with "phony scandals" does little to sway or gain support from the many Americans who feel the country is on the wrong path.

Bottom-line is we seem no closer to addressing the problems of our nation today then we were last year or in the years before. This time no one is referring to this as a financial cliff, the sense of urgency has vanished and been replaced by the feel of  normalcy. This does not alter the fact that we cannot talk are way out of this mess. Recently Detroit declared bankruptcy, and this appears to many as a harbinger of things to come or should we say the classic canary in the coal mine. We should not be shocked when budget issues are only faced, and very poorly dealt with at the last minute. I am reminded of a saying I hear years ago, "if not for the last minute nothing would ever get done" it is unfortunate this has become the norm.

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