Saturday, October 5, 2013

Government Shutdown!

Many Americans are disgusted by all of Washington and the failure of all politicians to get their act together. The Republicans big miscalculation may of been how much they should of tied the debate to Obamacare rather then to the budget. The focus should of been on reducing the deficit, and adjusting the most damaging parts of the sequestration that hinders shifting money to the most important areas of the budget. What is often hidden from us is that it appears the Senate version of funding government takes away the cuts made by sequester and restores the budget to an even higher level.

Regardless of what main stream media says not all Americans are sorry to see the government shutdown. A shutdown may be what is necessary to shock Washington back into reality. The total disregard for the people from a government that is dysfunctional and out of control can be seen in how the shutdown is being handled. The National Park workers spending money blocking off  monuments that belong to the American people is a disgrace. The government can stay closed forever and a day if this is how they react. Efforts to punish tax payers for being concerned as to how their money is spent is disgusting.

Another area of contention for the average American in the private sector is that government workers are often better paid and get far better benefits. Those who work hard every day in jobs that may vanish at any time have just reason to be resentful at the disparity. For us in business the idea of being told to take time off from work and then getting "RETRO ACTIVE PAY" is a totally foreign and irrational concept that can only be conceived by GOVERNMENT.  Meanwhile we are faced with a smug President who transfers the blame and refuses to negotiate till he gets his way. We have a right to be angry.

Government has been given the power to determine the policies that shape the world around us and form the core of how we live and interact. From taxation, to waging war, from education, to social fairness, and even including programs like the NSA, the decisions made in Washington effects us all. With many polls showing a clear majority of Americans feel the country is on the wrong path maybe it is time for Washington to get serious. The power of the people should be greater then the people in power.

Below is something sent to me this morning;

Politician ·
Do federal officials try to make government shutdowns as painful as possible? Or are they just really stupid?...The Daily Caller compiled a list of stupid things the government did for the shutdown that were not only inconvenient and pointless, they cost more than doing nothing. Of course, there was the shameful attempt to barricade veterans from the World War II Memorial, which is just an open-air plaza. That’s like dealing with a budget crisis by shutting down the sidewalks. And why close bike trails, and remove all the pump handles along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal? Or shut down the parking lot at Mt. Vernon? Washington’s estate is privately owned, but the parking lot is on federal land, so it was closed off to save money…uh, how? By inconveniencing visitors for no reason? They’d better watch out. Americans might start thinking that if you have to go to that much trouble to make a government shutdown painful, then there must be a whole lot of government we could do without and not even notice.

This is not the first time this tactic of punishing the tax payer has been used, see the post below,

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  1. The idiotic attempts to cut spending because of the "shutdown" prove to voters what has long been suspected.... politicians only know how to spend taxpayers hard earned money, not save it. The question that public "servants" ask is always how much do we spend, and on what? The bottom line will always be their own salaries first, and the military second. After that it's just an attempt to appear "responsive" to the citizens. A great many people probably hope the representatives can be held accountable for their corruption, but ordinary people and common sense have no power over hype and spin. Why can't Americans hold a "mass impeachment" and start again, with zero campaign financing the rule?