Saturday, April 26, 2014

War In Ukraine A Bad Idea!

The idea of America getting involved or jumping into a war in Ukraine would have been hard to imagine a  few years ago. As I write this we are engaged in a war of words but the potential for this to escalate into a shooting war is real.  Allowing events to deteriorate into a major war or possibly into what some see as
War Is Not A Pretty Picture
World War III is becoming a reality. As insane as it appears this could become the final outcome. The location of this as a military confrontation is right in Putin's backyard and this is a strong advantage for Russia. It is silly to think Putin and Russia will back down. This means poking the bear is not a smart move.

We are being bombarded with hype and spin. It is almost as if events are being magnified to take the eyes of the American people off what is happening here at home. The "pro-Russian" Ukrainians that were recently killed have been labeled as "terrorist" and both sides are engaged in a war of words. “Henchmen” of the Kiev government with the backing of Western nations are organizing terror attacks, Russia's Ambassador to the UN said at an emergency session of the UN Security Council. Russia “is spreading fiction, we must stop this tonight,” is the line mouthed by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power.

Washington and the Obama administration have been quick to embrace a new unelected government in Ukraine as allies forgetting they were small bit players before the coup. We have even gone as far as giving these clowns economic support to wage their civil war. The interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is the new face of Ukraine and he appears almost nightly on television screens across America beaming with new found self-importance as a world leader telling us to restart the cold-war and how it is America's duty to protect the people of Ukraine. It cannot be emphasized enough the military of the country is both divided and extremely weak.

The IMF has joined us in this folly and more insane is that the money will most likely find its way into Russia to pay for natural gas on which Europe relies. Recent meetings in Washington of the International Monetary Fund and the World bank showcased the reluctance of European allies to impose stronger measures against Moscow. Concern runs high in Europe about the economic repercussions of penalizing their major trading partner and energy supplier. Europe is where the fighting would take place and they bear the brunt of any action. The now infamous phone comment, "F— the E.U.," by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland speaks volumes as to who is pushing an agenda of confrontation.

Sadly, I must admit that I have even seen articles about how a war is what we need to pull the world out of its economic malaise. The comparisons of Putin to Hitler are being made and it is touted that once he starts expanding he will never stop. One article pointed out the vast energy deposits that lay under Ukraine as a reason to stand firm, the same argument was put forth concerning Afghanistan. It almost seems that warmongers have no limits to how far they will reach to stir up patriotic fervor.

We have heard the totally impractical idea we could sell Europe natural gas replacing Russia as their supplier. Imagine this as the "mother of all sanctions" they are implying that we could make money while  solving the problem for Europe and at the same time we weaken Putin. In all this muddy water there is the issue of hypocrisy. After many of the actions taken by America under both the Bush and Obama administrations it is hard to claim the moral high ground. Drone strikes, NSA spying, how we have treated prisoners at Guantanamo and more have made it difficult to claim we are the good neighbor. Bottom-line it is best to stay out of certain situations, this is really important when you are not dealing from a position of strength.

 Footnote; As always your comments are welcome and encouraged. I also urge you to visit the archives for other articles or topics that might interest you. The two post below delve into the important issue of sovereign borders and why Putin will not back down.


  1. Bruce,

    Agreed on most of your points regarding WW3 etc.
    However, you are totally wrong (and subject to Putin's stalinist propaganda) when you say that the current government is unelected. Their parliament (Rada) is the same as two years ago. All parliamentarians were elected in free and fair election certified by foreign observers. The entire parliament of Ukraine is elected - pure and simple. The people's representatives - elected parliametarians - impeached their criminal President, voted down the criminal government, and and called interim replacements while scheduling a democratic elections.

    How can you say they are not elected is just beyond me. I fully respect your rights to opinion - this is a free country (still) but if you start fighting or denying hard facts then you have a problem and need some help.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You have a point that is somewhat valid but we both could be accused of splitting hairs. I seriously doubt that the Ukrainian people have weighed in on the issue their nation is facing or how best to handle it. In some ways it might be argued the people of Ukraine have been granted a government and interim Prime Minister by default. I promise to ponder the issue further.

    2. 1. Ukraine's parliament has no legal right to remove from power the legitimate and democratically elected President , through a simple voting procedure .
      2 . Impeachment procedure was not. This means that the new government is illegitimate .
      3 . Parliament were expelled from the part of the deputies by force and threats. They took the voting cards . These cards were used to vote on behalf of the expelled deputies. It is illegal and it is a felony .
      4 . Even with such illegal voting on behalf expelled by force and threats of Deputies , the junta did not have enough votes to pass any parliamentary decision.
      Conclusion: To the authorities in Kiev, with the support and funding of the United States, through fraud and massacres came antipopular junta fascists.

    3. The Rada council was fairly elected but since the Party of Regions offices in Kiev was raided by the fascist thugs of Right Sector ( I have seen the videos but can't find them now on the internet for the life of me), and home addresses noted, political supporters noted, and direct threats on families, doors painted with menacing grafitti, Judges shot and killed the Council members have crossed the floor to support the Interim Government. This is illegitimate, by force. Very dangerous situation not reported in the media.