Thursday, June 5, 2014

America's Struggle To Stay On Top!

Too many people it appears a struggle is occurring to unseat America as the worlds most dominate nation. For many proud Americans who see the world from the unenlightened and possibly undefendable position of the United States having a right to be in control it is both threatening and frustrating to see control slip away. It is threatening to think the country might quickly fall to the position of a second rate power mired in debt with many of the options we have come to see as our right suddenly ripped away. It is frustrating that in many ways America appears to have become its own worse enemy. The country is guilty of both political inaction and squandering its power through a series of bad choices and missteps.

A major concern has been the shift of power and wealth to the East over the last several decades. Many Americans cringe when they think about the billions of dollars of consumer goods we import from China every month, but what makes it even more bizarre is how China became an export behemoth. We have been instrumental in bringing about the current challenge and possibly our own demise. Decades ago America started down a perilous path to build China into a world power,  a  pathological fear of  Russia and the Kremlin’s atheism caused America to seek a counter balance in the region. The result of our efforts has created modern day China.

Back in the 1970s when MAD (mutual assured destruction) and the communists' stated goal of global domination defined much of international politics the US foreign policy initiative aimed at splitting China from the USSR was an obvious choice. Central to the American effort was offering the prospect of economic incentives to China. Ironically, it was the China’s communist longevity the Washington wise men should have feared more. To separate China from Russia, strengthen our ties with China, and help develop the country made sense. To support China’s economic growth and over 1.3 bill people a export machine was developed that was to both change the  face of China and also how its people viewed freedom and the world.

As a byproduct of our actions we have seen a decline and stagnation not just in America but in many industrialized countries where output has fallen. Because of low production cost, and little regulation, jobs began to be shifted and work "outsourced" to China. Disloyal multinationals are now shipping their products great distances from China to the same infrastructure that they have abandoned and left with excess capacity. For straightforward geopolitical reasons America went down this path, but the path became a slippery slope, a slide greased by greed and short term self interest. Those who let this nightmare get of of hand should have been forewarned, "be careful what you wish for."

A few years ago, Russia, China and the United States appeared to be economic and political allies. Today, those alliances are being quickly scrapped in order to make room for conflict. The false paradigm that the people of these countries can't live together is taking center stage. When countries go to war whether economically or militarily governments demand that individuals relinquish freedom, independence and self-reliance. Sacrifice that “must be made” so that victory can be achieved. In the end, neither nation nor society truly wins, the only winners are the super rich and the oligarchs, who sing words of loyalty to their respective camps. These people never intend to target each other their only target is the people. Again the masses are being bombarded  talk of war.  

In any war each side is led to believe that its position is the good and right position and not asked to question the legitimacy of this because it will lead to ideological weakness and disunity. In the past Americans have shown a tendency to overestimate their enemies and rivals. In what might now be viewed as a state of paranoia during the cold war the Soviet Union was given credit for having far more power than it really possessed. In the early 1980s many Americans lived in fear that the rising economic might of Japan would allow the Japanese to buy all the property in America and make us slaves in our own country. Now as Russia and China grow stronger and closer together also pulling in other countries that are not fond of America we find concern growing that the tide is again turning and America may be unseated as a world leader.

Shift in power can be swift. The fact that the dollar has been the worlds reserve currency for years both empowers America but leaves the country vulnerable to such a shift. Over the last several years many US and European elites have been calling for a centralization of economic power under the control of the International Monetary Fund, as a well as a new global  world wide currency under the guise it would be viewed as more fair and balanced. Note these same elite have a great deal of power and control over the IMF. Not surprisingly, Putin also wants a new world currency under the control of the IMF. During both of his Presidential terms Obama has flooded his cabinet with current and former employees of Goldman Sachs, a longtime proving ground for elitist financiers with globalist aspirations.

Those who cast a critical eye over America see many problems tearing at the very fabric of society. Problems such as inequality, more citizens becoming dependent on the government for their day to day existence, and a dumbing down of the population. Like a cancer cutting through the heart of the country these problems drain away America's strength and resolve with each passing day. Fat and content we live in ignorant bliss and denial of the tough times ahead. When one looks beyond all the theatrical rhetoric being thrown around between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, the ultimate reality is that we are being played. The relationship of both governments to the global banking elite is the same and the people are the pawns in a game to enhance the power of those in control. If America wants to stay on top the war it should wage is against its own internal problems, this means it is time we go about setting our own house in order.

 Footnote; While many Americans think China is massively strong reality shows many flaws. The post below delves into some of them. As always your comments are welcome.



  1. "too" is used wrong as first word in writing - hello?

    1. Mark thank you for your comment I only wish it had been on content rather than form. After much anguish the gal who often proofs my post said it should stand. I might mention she was the person who originally changed it and has strong opinions on this matter. I did find a typo in the article so thanks again.

  2. Good read, despite the typos.

  3. Hey Bruce, I made a comment in response to a post you made on Bloomberg regarding an article about Putins Sochi speech (which I suggest reading the full transcript, very interesting). You posted an excerpt of your opening paragraph and I was struck by the notion of Americas "right" to power. Having read your article I'm glad that you acknowledge the fallacy of this assertion. Overall I agree with the points you've presented here and suggest you delve a little further into the decline of the US dollar as reserve currency, and the role of the petrodollar as the catalyst behind US foreign interventions. Mainstream media isn't covering these shifts and I applaud you for bringing a sense of objective realism to the fore. Just a little work on editing and your golden.

    1. Editing and typos are a constant challenge even when someone else proofs an article. All I can do is try to eliminate the little bugs that infect the message and that I pledge to do.
      As to the status of the dollar and its role as the world reserve currency, it is both a blessing and a curse. This is becoming more of an issue everyday as the struggle for dominance continues.

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