Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ukraine Was And Is A Failed State

Obama's War Is A No-Win Situation For People Of Ukraine
The euro-zone currently faces a lot of problems without jumping into a proxy war with rebels in Ukraine. I use the term proxy because without the money and backing of outsiders things would most likely go quiet. The failed and bankrupt country would most likely break into two parts with the eastern half and its people who share strong ties with Russia aligning itself with that country and Kiev, and the western oriented portion of the country drifting towards stronger ties to the euro-zone. What is the big problem with such a solution?

The whole concept of sovereign borders is a little gem promoted by those in power to galvanize the support of the people. Borders are a creation of man and not visible to the birds flying above. Much bloodshed and many wars could be avoided if the issues of regime change or borders could be handled in a more rational and constructive way, but do not expect this to happen. Borders and political control is a problem that haunts man since before the written word. President Obama and other officials have talked about the legal sanctity of sovereign borders, but in reality, this is an argument of convenience that masks deeper issues. Obama calls those in rebel-held areas "terrorist" and Putin labels them freedom fighters. When it comes down to it we and the people of Ukraine are just pawns in a sad power game. If you doubt this just ask some of the many millions of people displaced from their homes in Syria.

It is a very important starting point to remember Ukraine was and is a failed state. Sadly, Washington is trying to repaint that picture and ignoring reality, at the same time that Putin is busy facing down the West by upping his game. While Obama has pulled out all the stops to paint Putin with a brush dipped in all the bad colors Putin has gone merrily about the business of carving out a land path to Crimea. It is almost like Obama is doing everything humanly possible to keep the eyes of America diverted towards distant lands where he can honestly say the challenges are great and dire situations exist, this takes the focus away from the many problems haunting America at home. During all this not only has Putin played Obama as a fool, but he appears to be having fun doing it. Those who point to the harmful sanctions imposed on Russia should realize that those placing them are also suffering and as time goes by it is becoming more evident the Euro-zone is not behind ramping up hostilities in Ukraine.

A major advantage that Putin holds other than having a huge well-armed army just across the Ukrainian border is that any army cobbled together to face off with him would most likely be unenthusiastic and politically troubled at best. American soldiers will deploy to Ukraine this spring to begin training four companies of the Ukrainian National Guard, the head of US Army Europe Lt. Gen Ben Hodges said during his first visit to Kiev recently. The number of troops heading there is still being determined, however, this training effort is said to be part of a US State Department initiative "to assist Ukraine in strengthening its law enforcement capabilities, conduct internal defense, and maintain rule of law" a Pentagon spokeswoman said. However, this signals a deeper role for America that troubles those concerned about further involvement.

Dead Ukrainian Soldiers A Hidden Reality
Reports from the front that are often buried or hidden from public view appear to confirm that Ukrainian troops have been sent into a meat grinder by their current government. If Iraq is any example do not expect any amount of American training to make a great deal of difference. Financier George Soros, who’s been helping foster Ukrainian reform recently told a gathering in Davos that “there is a new Ukraine that is determined to be different from the old Ukraine". He claims this new group is unique in that it is not only willing to fight but engage in executing a set of radical reforms, but it is up against the old Ukraine that has not disappeared and it is also up against a very determined design by President Putin to destabilize it and destroy it. But it is determined to assert the independence and European orientation of the new Ukraine.”

While not trying to be optimist or pessimistic I think it is important to remain realistic as to just how much we can really do. Sometimes adding fuel to the fire does more harm than good. Again, I mention Ukraine is a financially failed state and while we can point to its potential and the massive oil, gas reserves these by all rights should belong to the people and for their benefit. Considering that Ukraine needs $15 billion in loans and grants in the next year to stabilize its economy in addition to its bailout from the International Monetary Fund. Ukrainians it is clear they have dug themselves into a deep, deep hole. A 20-plus year history of industrial levels of corruption flow from a series of bad governments after Kiev became independent of the Soviet Union.

Bottom-line is that America again continues to be following an unfocused foreign policy that cuts off its nose to spite its face. It is perfectly clear why many Americans have thrown up their hands and are full of disgust because in many ways we are driving Russia towards the East and into the open arms of China. This could create more problems long-term than it solves short term. It borders on the edge of insanity this so called war has not developed organically but appears to be the product of meddling. Mercenaries and money from America appear to be backing and propping up Kiev with Obama being the "champion" for this failed bankrupt country. How ironic it is that the chief instigator for creating this volatile situation was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 and that the man he targets is the 2007 " Man Of The Year." named by Time Magazine. The best way for the West and Kiev to prove they are on the right path is by letting the eastern part of the country seceded and then making Kiev a center of economic and democratic success.


  1. Nicely written Bruce. I share your views. It is too bad our policy makers choose to act differently on this matter.

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