Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rand Paul Ignored By The Media, Again

I'm Still Here!
SEPTEMBER 21 UPDATE; Little has changed since I wrote the article below and something in the news today again has been hardly mentioned.   A story in USA Today reports that Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has won the presidential straw poll at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference taking place on Mackinac Island, Mich. Paul received 22% support in the poll of more than 2,200 conference attendees, according to the poll conducted by the Lansing political newsletter MIRS and The Detroit News. Businesswoman Carly Fiorina, buoyed from the momentum of what was seen as a strong debate performance finished second. Now on with the original article.

It would not be difficult to image during the middle of a political story a journalist refer to an "unnamed Senator from Kentucky" in order to avoid using the name that seems to be forgotten or at the least stick in the throats of anyone covering those interested in Republican politics. A recent poll from Iowa making its way around the Sunday morning talk shows has elevated Scott Walker to the front of pack. To hear some commentators it would seem it is all over before it begins and even solid well respected party favorites like Jeb Bush haven't been given much of a prayer because they are said to lack that certain "je ne se qua" that seems to be a must have in politics today.

The french phrase je ne sais quoi as you know denotes a elusive quality or attribute that is difficult to describe or express literally the term means "I do not know what". It is often used when referring to that special intangible quality that makes something or someone distinctive or attractive. The bobbing heads of the media who are often in a rush to put someone like Herman Cane who was a former "flash in the pan" presidential candidate during the last Presidential election in the position of front runner have labored hard to forget how Paul received the most votes at CPAC. Not a moment was spent pondering how odd it is that this conservative group would shower praise upon a man who has many friends on the far side of the political spectrum among liberals and students.

It seems everyone and everything is a story except Rand Paul. The subject known as 2016 is boiling over with speculation and laced with intrigue. The media even made a big deal of  Mitt Romney dropping from the coming race after stirring people up by only weeks ago talking about dipping his toe in the water.  They often make certain to open the tent door and encouraged another heavy weight, New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie to stuff his suitcase full of snacks for the road and head out to dance with potential backers. Yes be clear, all this glorious news coverage is an excellent way to clarify and tell America exactly what to think.

At the same time media is going about the task of forming our opinions they can help us avoid the long and bothersome task of holding an election by thinning and shaping the field as they see fit. Republicans are faced with a massive group that holds high aspirations and many of those interested in entering are busy edging their way forward and upping their game by elbowing other candidates off the stage and out of the spotlight. If it would garner attention some of these clowns might even go so far as to set themselves on fire. Nothing is as sad as watching this group of wannabees marching in their one person parades. If you think that I'm being harsh using the term clowns remember even fellas like Rick Perry who took a very hard fall from grace four years ago has joined this group.

While Rand Paul is not expected to rise to the top any time soon his base is solid in a field where many love affairs are fleeting one night stands. I'm somewhat surprised that Paul has not at least been put before the public and crucified for having a less then memorable first name. What kind of name is Rand anyway? We need candidates with "gooder" names like Barack or Mitt because that is what makes a politician solid. To some in the media the only saving grace the name Rand Paul brings to the table is that his whole name can be easily chanted in a rhythm that exudes confidence. In modern day politics this is a bonus that cannot be quantified and must not be underestimated.

In all seriousness after with only the limited face-time I have spent Rand Paul I was left with the feeling he is rock solid. Paul's conservative financial ideas mixed with less government moves him in the direction of being a strong supporter of personal freedom. When sprinkled with a less confining social mantra this becomes something many voters seek. Many political pundits see his non-fiscal views as the primary reason Paul is constantly pushed off the stage and shown so little respect within the Republican party and by the media. I for one along with many financially conservative voters have cringed and been put off by a Republican party locked away in a small tent busy spouting restrictive social mores. Bringing together people from different factions is no easy task, but Paul is one of the few candidates I have found capable of achieving this.

On one of the Sunday morning talk shows I heard Rand Paul referred to as a "high trust candidate" this trait should not be considered unimportant. The way Paul is treated by the mainstream media should viewed as an overt effort by them to dilute, undermine, and lessen both his message and the viability of Rand Paul as a candidate. The crux of this article is to spotlight the fact that Rand Paul continues to be ignored by the media and how they fail to highlight either his strengths or weaknesses. Bottom-line is that no matter how much he is ignored the media should not expect Rand Paul to slowly and quietly ride into the night. The message he brings forth has substance and efforts to paint him with silly colors or just paint him out of the picture have failed before and will fail again. We are still early in this game, but if Paul decides to push hard I expect he will become a major factor as the game moves forward.

Footnote; If you think this is endorsement of Rand Paul over many of the other candidates thinking about a run for the top office in America, you are right. Matter of fact I will gladly donate office space for his campaign if and when the need arises.


  1. And it will only get worse until he demolishes everybody in the debates and the post debate commentators try to ignore him like they did his father, but unlike his father this time around, ignoring RAnd will blow up in their faces.

  2. The mainstream media are not impartial brokers, they are corporate entities who have no interest or desire to promote anything other than the ongoing corporate capture of democracy. That's why anything and anyone that challenges this process is either ignored or pilloried.

  3. Way to go, writing this! The mainstream media sucks. The ratings for Trump have been so spectacular that Fox News and CNN CAN'T talk about ANYTHING else. But this is a marathon and NOT a sprint and that is important! Satisfaction is equal to reality divided by expectations. Having low expectations since the first debate, will prove to be a blessing, I believe, in the long run. Dr. Paul will continue to exceed expectations, giving him a path to the nomination and the momentum he needs to carry the day. Until then I, along with a number of other, great and tireless volunteers, will not rest until we've spoken to everyone in Iowa. I will say this now. Mark these words: Rand Paul will win Iowa in 2016!