Friday, September 2, 2016

Trump Signs, Now You See Them, Now You Don't!

Sadly, This Has Becoming Fashionable
Something I thought was merely a phenomena in my highly contested state primary apparently was not an aberration but has, and is occurring across the nation, that is vandals tearing down and removing political signs. In this case, I'm referring specifically to Trump Signs. Now You See It, Now You Don't! Several videos exist where cameras have caught people in the act of ripping down Trump signs and usually taking off with them.

Call it vandalism, call it a lack of respect for another person's property, call it an illegal violation of the constitutional rights of the signs owner, but please do not call it good harmless fun! I have seen several news stories on this and heard the owners of these signs rile at those committing these acts. This has happened to me, both at home and in front of  my office it has also happened to several people I know. Sadly the rampant theft of these signs has become fashionable and justified by the perpetrators deluding themselves into thinking they are in some way righting a political wrong. Erin Burnett on CNN acknowledged just how common this event was becoming when she called it "The crime that is sweeping America, stealing Trump yard signs"

This Proud Thief Even Photographed Herself
Sadly I have yet to hear the news media or any Democratic candidate or party official condemn these actions and attempt to distance themselves from the perpetrators. Call it my vivid imagination gone wild but what I do hear in the voices of the often liberal media reporting such stories is a "can you believe this?" with a hint of admiration, and sometimes a "wow that was fast comment"  as they broadcast a video of a theft in progress.

Many Trump supporters will quickly concede that he is not universally loved and respected but the same can be said about Hillary Clinton. In an effort to add a little zest to this post and sort of fill the bottom in, add flesh to the bones, or whatever, I decided to "Bing search" the word "stealing" The search proved to be little in the way of help. I did find, however. that many people thought that a major factor in deciding whether taking something that wasn't yours should be judged as a crime should be based on your level of "need" rather than a strict moral code. It could be argued the stealing of Trump signs falls more into the category of vandalism or destruction of property which is far more difficult to defend. In society, if you want others to respect your property and rights it would seem only fair for you to act in the same fashion. 

By making light of these acts and pretending it doesn't matter or that Trump deserves such scorn the media's general reaction tends to only reinforce and almost encourage a slew of copycat attacks on Trump signs. In regard to these acts of vandalism, it is somewhat ironic that those liberals claiming to "represent the moral high-ground" would be those most giddy and pleased to see the blatant disrespect demonstrated as the rights of others are violated. Fifty million years from now this will be just another insignificant historic event, however, at this point in time, it speaks volumes as to where we as a society have gone and the current political angst that exists.


  1. A minor footnote or update; Last Sunday, just before the election, in the middle of the day I caught and stopped a young man who had ripped down and was taking my large 4X8 Trump sign. It was strongly attached to three posts in front of my business which is located on a busy street.

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