Sunday, November 13, 2016

Post Election News Shifts To Negative Focus

Trump's Honeymoon May Be Short-lived
It did not take long for the post-election media coverage to shift focus towards a negative bias. The media has now turned way too much of its focus on protest and plans to destabilize democracy. Post-election news is filling the airwaves in a way that appears almost geared to intentionally stir the pot and emotionally agitate Americans. While the election of Donald J. Trump was quickly declared an earth-shattering event it is not a mandate, our polarized nation remains divided. During the past year more than 70 million citizens, 59 million for Donald Trump and 13 million for Bernie Sanders have voted for dramatic change but firing the ruling elites does not guarantee the result we seek or constitute a consensus on the direction we should take.

Members of the press are already complaining that Trump isn't adequately informing the media about his decisions as president-elect claiming it is a violation of practices meant to ensure access and transparency.  The relationship between Trump and the news media is as acrimonious as ever following his victory in Tuesday’s presidential election. The Republican nominee frequently blasted the news media as “dishonest” during his rallies, and crowds would chant slogans such as “CNN sucks” in reaction to what they considered bias coverage of events.  Trump did not allow reporters to travel with him to Washington on Thursday for meetings with President Obama and leaders in Congress, it was the White House that made arrangements to have a pool of journalists cover the president-elect’s meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office.

Will Trump's Victory Be Accepted?
Articles have surfaced about how Trump must be on the outlook for Republican neocons that will try to worm their way into his administration while also dealing with the attempt by the Clinton and international hedge fund tycoon George Soros to disrupt his presidency with a Purple Revolution. Recently when Hillary and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, entered the ballroom of the New Yorker hotel in midtown Manhattan both were adorned in purple attire. A Clinton spokespeople claimed it was to represent the coming together of Democratic-Blue America and Republican-Red America into a united purple blend. Some people consider this statement a complete ruse and see the Purple Revolution an effort to make the Trump administration a short one through street protests and political disruption.

Mark my words the only thing we are guaranteed is that it will be interesting how events unfold and that since old habits die hard the media will continue to disparage Trump with jabs and barbs. The reality is little has changed and almost all the people who created our problems remain entrenched in the system. Clearly, this will all confirm just how difficult it is to drain a swamp when those who oppose you are busy stealing your pump, this is the job Trump is faced with as he turns to governing a divided country. Americans tend to overestimate the power of the Presidency and oversimplify the complexity of bringing about real change in a legal way. Washington is a snake pit and Trump would be wise not to discount the roadblocks being cast before him.

In some ways, we should be reassured by Trump's lack of interest in a victory lap and his seriousness towards the task before him. Way back during the primaries I stated, "Having a bit of money in his own right Trump has alleged he need not steal or prostitute himself out to special interest. In all honesty, if Trump is elected he has more to lose in prestige if he performs poorly than anyone else currently running, I only wish all politicians were so motivated." Now that the improbable has come to pass President Elect Donald Trump has a big job ahead of him. With an acceptance speech that recognized the need to bring America together, he started off on the right foot but this is only the first step on a long and hard journey that is fraught with peril.

During the election, the media repeatedly painted trump supporters as less educated and unenlightened increasing the odds few people would aspire to join the movement. Ironically, enough of these deplorable souls chose to vote for an end to pointless failed wars and interventions abroad as well as ending our bubble-based economic policy at home. They revolted against the Wall Street and the bi-coastal elites who through their political connections endowed themselves with vast financial windfalls while the 90% of us in Flyover America were left behind. The many households that struggle with stagnant wages, vanishing jobs, soaring health costs, shrinking living standards and diminishing hope for the future said enough is enough.

While it cannot be claimed as a mandate the voters have spoken in no uncertain terms and declared that they are fed-up with the arrogance of Washington politicians. The "rigged” system insiders have developed that touts one set of rules for establishment insiders and another for everyone else was on full display in the constant drips of Wikileaks that included Clinton Foundation pay-to-play schemes, DNC insider communication, Podesta e-mails, and more.  During the eight years, Obama has been in office, America doubled the National Debt to 20 trillion dollars. History will likely show it produced a false illusion of prosperity but little more. The issue directly in our path is whether Trump will be allowed an opportunity to govern or his efforts be sabotaged by those who have exploited us for so long.

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