Sunday, June 18, 2017

No Tents Put Up For Fathers Day, Says It All!

Crystal, crystal, crystal-ball who's the fairest of them all? No tent for Fathers Day says it all! While children old and young will go about throwing out accolades and praising their fathers the day pales when placed up against its rival which is mothers day. Sure fathers everywhere will get calls from children who they may seldom see, some will call out of love, some out of respect, some out of guilt, and a slew of other reasons and others will not call at all. Others will gather with family and enjoy the day but in general the day will not get anywhere near the attention dished out upon mothers.

Mothers Day Even Includes Special Breakfast Outings 
Mothers Day is an occasion that by far garners much more attention than the tribute to fathers. More money is spent on gifts and flowers for mothers. Extra attention tends to be showered on those who generally were more responsible for raising us during our early years. The fact is in many ways this is the way it should be and the way many men prefer. In truth, a child is fortunate to have either parent or someone to care for them and very very lucky if they have both.

The role of being a parent is not an easy one and often is cast upon people without much notice or at a time they do not choose. Society does little to prepare the children that are having children for the task before them and it is a shame. Without a doubt as both fathers and mothers mature and look back most harbor regrets because they had not made a greater effort in raising and preparing their young during the important formative years. This extends to issues such as being far too strict or just as bad being far too lenient, in some cases, it simply comes down to not spending more time with a child.

Tent or no tent relationships between parents and children can be difficult, however, if you have anything positive to say today is the chance to do so and know if not taken that life being unpredictable we never know when that opportunity might be lost. As a footnote, like many kids when young my siblings and I wondered why there was no special day designated as "Kids Day." As an adult I now understand what I was told when I was busy failing to appreciate my good fortune of few responsibilities, every day is kids day.

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  1. IMHO, you can thank the whole feminist movement and the ongoing attacks against the normal male/female/children families, for the lack of respect towards fathers in the American society today. They understand that if you marginalize the Dad, then the family and children are ripe for their evil schemes.

    Growing up in the 70's - 90's, my church (an Orthodox church) had dinners for both Mother's day and Father's day. They knew that both Mom and Dad needed to be respected, and were both equally important. I really feel the Dad is vital for the children to turn out the best they can be, and prevent all sorts of issues in their lives. Young boys need a good example of what a good man is. Of course, the young boys need a Dad's love also, and know that their Dad respects them. And young girls need a Dad's love to give them the self esteem they so desperately need. Many girls today give themselves away to someone who gives them just a little bit of the love they are craving.

    Of course, I'm not saying you can't succeed with only one parent, but research has proven that having two good parents maximizes a child's chances of success.