Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Future Of America's Deep State May Be In Peril

The term "deep state" refers to the theory that there exists a coordinated effort by entrenched career power brokers in government to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership. Events during the last few months and several embarrassing revelations have eroded the credibility of what many people view as America's Deep State. This has added to the feeling that change is in the air as well as creating an aura that something is very very wrong inside the beltway. One of the side-effects of the polarization of American is that citizens on both sides of the political spectrum have come to feel betrayed by those they elect and the government in general. The men our institutions have held up as symbols of our virtue have seen their reputations tarnished as more and more it appears their agenda has been skewed by bias, for personal gain, or institutionalized inertia. James Clapper the former Director of National Intelligence, the FBI's James Comey, and John Brennan the former CIA director are all falling from grace.

The Deep State Has Sabotaged Trump's Russian Peace Effort
The proof of decades of deceit continues to trickle out drip by drip causing us to be dubious of anything we have been told or led to believe. The Deep State has many tools at its disposal to maintain the status-quo the most notable being a lazy and complicit media or what we often refer to as the free press. It has become clear that propaganda is not simply a tool to be used to soften the hearts and minds of those who oppose us but also as a weapon to manipulate the American people into a sheep-like state where we can be controlled by those in power.

The intelligence apparatus put together to help us win World War II did not disband but merely morphed into a giant fear spreading monster fueled by the military-industrial complex seeking power and profit. With the aid of technology, spying has gone mainstream as hundreds of billions of dollars have flowed into a system collecting, cataloging and storing information on all of us. This has allowed espionage and often illegal clandestine operations to flourish at the cost of common sense. This translates into a world where big-brother knows where we are at every minute because of GPS and watches us from cameras in the sky and through our own electronic devices.

James Clapper even tells a lie about his lies!
In a world where so many issues are presented to us in black or white, good or evil, and people have become comfortable in turning to their smartphones for answers we face, the real danger is that society will fail in devising a suitable path forward. The fact this is happening at a time when the world is changing ever faster also complicates and lessens the possibility of a good outcome. The question of where to go from here in a complicated world simply reinforces the difficulties we face. A good example of just how messed up and how devoid of ethics the intelligence system is the recent revelation by James Clapper in a CNN interview that former President Obama instigated the ongoing investigations into Donald Trump and those in his orbit which is destined to further inflame the political divide.

John Brennan as CIA director, another disaster?
The constant flood of bad actors paraded in front of us has revealed the Deep State does exist and is corrupt to its core. Equally disturbing is that we have come to accept the idea that even when willingly committing acts punishable by law these individuals will be held unaccountable. The phrase that, "the emperor has no clothes" comes to mind, however, the fact this is recognized does not alter the fact or necessarily constitute immediate change. Those engaged in carrying out the mission of the Deep State often use the argument of the greater good as justification of their sins this proves denial can be a strong force but just as strong is that it is reinforced with years of momentum galvanized by money and power.

To those of us with a libertarian tilt and a dislike of big government, the Deep State by its very nature is an annoyance. Even if we try to coalesce around the conclusion the enemy of my enemy is my friend political and cultural polarization and the lack of a clear path forward tends to paralyze efforts to bring about meaningful change. We should remember that over the decades failures within and the intentional misdirection of America's intelligence community has contributed to millions of deaths and destroyed a countless number of lives across the world. This all calls into question whether the world would have been better off without these so-called public servants. This is an issue that could be debated until the end of time but what is clear is the fact we could have done much better.  

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  1. The seeds of our destruction were sown at the outset, when the govt. was given the power to borrow money and to print to infinity. Absent this ability, and thus constrained to exist entirely by taxes and balanced budgets, there could be no 'Empire,' no perpetual wars, no omnipotent Deep State or out-of-control military-industrial-complex with troops scattered all over the globe. Heck, then we'd be just another ordinary Switzerland, minding our own business while having the highest standard of living in the world. Megalomaniacs and sociopaths are working day and night to prevent such a catastrophe!