Saturday, March 30, 2019

Mega Global-Companies Dwarf Power Of Many Nations

Names We Know- Do they Have An Agenda?
When the value of Apple and Amazon soared above one trillion dollars they became the first companies to reach this milestone. It is difficult to deny that in our modern world many large companies already have more power than most nations and their power continues to grow at an alarming rate. In the past, it was large oil conglomerates that held the power but today much of it has shifted to technology companies. This power is reflected in companies ability to bend regulations in the area of trade, in some ways, the anti-globalism movement could be viewed as an attempt to halt large companies in their tracks. This is one of the reasons anti-globalist and those wanting more limits of trade have rushed to embrace the use of tariffs.

For years many economists have discounted the implications and disregarded how the greed of these companies have added too many problems in the world. For example, if it is bombs you want, they will gladly make them for you, and while doing this they gain power and add to their profits. This train of thought brings front and center the question of whether mega-global companies are working in the direction of taking over the world and even dominating governments and countries. This is in some ways an extension of the New World Order with CEOs pulling the strings. The power they wield is often masked behind the facade of a figurehead leader but it is very real.

Developments over the last several decades portend a shift in power from country to corporations. The argument can be made that corporations are well on their way to supplanting the state as the world's dominant organizational structure in the future. Knowledge is power and this means power is flowing to large conglomerates and internet companies. Those that are most prominent control the communication networks collecting and storing data on all of us. They are now in a position to manipulate us in every way.

This has resulted in a blurring of the lines between business and state that has emerged over the centuries and shaped the world as we know it. By weaponizing the data they have collected as propaganda in a battle for our hearts and minds technology companies may hold an advantage over national government in persuading individuals to align with their interests. This translates into enormous persuasive power and could be the key to providing corporations with a path to ultimately control populations, governments, and even nations. As they have gained power it seems these powerful global entities often lead governments around by the nose placing and have taken to placing people in a position of servitude.

The leaders of many large global companies have quietly cast off their national identities over the years choosing to live as citizens of the world and part of the global elite. CEOs of mega-corporations are often the iconic figures that show up in Davos at the World Economic Forum and set the world's future agenda. In a world where countries struggling to be great and often steal the resources of others to elevate themselves to power, many people with leadership qualities have decided the route of CEO is a superior path to power over becoming a politician where national borders limit their rise. These companies are the powerful behind the curtain with politicians pandering to their wants and needs.

Adding to our woes is the number of these companies feeding at the government tit and profiting greatly from the production of items or services that poorly serve mankind. It was with an Orwellian sleight of hand a few years after the end of World War II the War Department was renamed the Department of Defense. This did not halt the growth of the military industrial complex that had grown into a monolith during the war but gave it a path to justify its expansion after the war. One way to do this has been to find new enemies constantly lurking in the shadows, this we have done. Those profiting from the tools and weapons of destruction have blown away national borders by selling their wares across the world deeming this and that country as an ally.  

They also promote "free trade" which has replaced the idea of fair trade. Companies have long pushed for national borders to vanish as they pursue ever-larger markets and strive to achieve greater supply chain efficiency. Transnational companies have declared, damn the people of our nation, it is about us. This makes it rather ironic that governments across the world have chosen to spend so much time and money spying on their people rather than focusing on watching the actions of the huge global companies and conglomerates that hold power over us all. By doing this they have allowed and often abetted the very companies wishing to supplant their power.

As governments yield to these companies by joining and allowing them to watch and exert control over populations it seems prudent to question whether the power of individual sovereign countries has been supplanted by that of mega companies. Across the world, we find many countries rapidly moving towards more controlling governments with strong authoritarian tendencies. Using tools such as facial recognition every citizen in China is now slated to be watched and their behavior scored in the most ambitious and sophisticated system of social control in history. ABC Australian news ran a piece showing how the Chinese people are justifying this extension of government power. Even more concerning is that this could even be viewed as a coordinated effort to reduce, we the people into mere pawns and less relevant.

The idea that a world controlled by mega companies will be benevolent and kind ignores the greed and ambitions of those who control them and how little regard they can have for those ranked below them. In his novels, Orwell depicted how governments could take on a life of their own and criticized totalitarianism throughout his writings. Totalitarianism, the most extreme and complete form of authoritarianism is a political concept that defines a government which prohibits opposition parties, restricts individual opposition to the state and exercises an extremely high degree of control over public and private life. As an added bonus for these behemoths they can hide behind the governments they control sucking the blood from them but remain aloof and shielded from the evil they inflict. It seems an argument could be made that this is the direction we are moving.

Footnote; In the works is an article explaining why these companies are very content to throw countries under the bus and enslave us for "the greater good."  The article below contends that Apple and Amazon share an ugly truth and that is their strong ties to America's government has in many ways allowed them to create a persona or facade that far outshines reality. This allows each company in its own way to exploit us while masking the huge amount of income they pluck from our government on all levels.

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