Wednesday, July 6, 2022

China President Xi Jinping’s Worldview Revealed

On June second, a video was released where  Asia Society President and CEO Kevin Rudd examined the ideological underpinnings of China President Xi Jinping’s worldview. The event organized in collaboration with Credit Suisse and moderated by the Asia Society Switzerland Executive Director lasted just over an hour but gave us more insight into the goals China is likely to pursue.

Ten and a half minutes into the video Rudd presents 10 circles of interest that China President Xi Jinping holds dear. He refers to the Chinese President's writings that indicate he is communistic through and through. Around 27 minutes into the video Rudd claims Jinping's goal is "to use the gravitational pull" of the Chinese economy to take over and rule the world without firing a shot. In short, it means making China create a world where it is indispensable to all other countries.

Particularly telling is the President of China contends the reason the Soviet Union collapsed is that it went soft on its communist ideology. With that in mind, it is essential we understand what China wants and how it plans to achieve its goals in order to thwart them. The circles of interest below are prioritized in the way China's President would most likely list them.

  1.   Keep the Leninist party in power, and remain President at all costs.
  2.   National Unity
  3.   Grow the economy so it can fund the other objectives
  4.   Do the above in a sustainable fashion. This will allow things to continue.
  5.   Modernize the military so it can fight and win wars
  6.   Build friendly relationships with neighbors to create a barrier around the country
  7.   Roll back America's naval influence in the area and gain power over the seas. 
  8.   Build on the One Road One Belt initiative to expand influence. This includes Europe.
  9.   Expand into the rest of the world so they will side with China on important votes
  10.  Change the world's view of human rights and move attitudes to parallel China's idea of the future.

Rudd contends the China of 2022 is far different than the China of 2014 when Xi Jinping came to power. Today the Chinese economy is far less friendly towards the private sector. With this in mind, should we view China as an enemy or rival? Rudd agrees with me that nothing will change in China until after the coming party congress this fall. He also thinks it is likely Xi Jinping will remain in power despite recent problems in China. 

Remember, this is all about control, and nowhere in the world are people under more control than in China. Rudd also points out that in our modern world, cyber war has diminished geography and this is another area where China has significant capabilities. His opinion and strategic advice on how other countries should engage with China to maximize their efforts have a fair amount of value. The link to this interview is; 

Not only is Rudd president and CEO of Asia Society but he has also served  for many years as Australia's Prime Minister. In another video At MIT in mid-April,  Rudd delves into the dangers of a catastrophic conflict between the US and Xi Jinping's China." The possibility America will be pulled into a war with China is a subject he covers in his recent book titled; The Avoidable War. That link is

All in all, Rudd's views dovetail with many of the ideas put forth on the AdvancingTime blog and can be found in the archives. To be clear, China is determined to move into producing more high-tech products. China's plan centers around both state-owned and private firms investing in and acquiring foreign companies to steal their technological innovations. Subsidizing those companies working within its system in a multitude of ways helps China achieve this goal. 

Countries that export goods at slightly below cost in exchange for manufacturing jobs are not stupid they are predatory and America and the rest of the world are their prey. Overall, China President Xi Jinping’s view of China's role in the world to go does not bode well for mankind. It reeks of control and much of that control comes from increasing "group think" advancing machines into spyware and increasing their ability to alter the way people live.

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  1. The reason(s) we are at this point in history is pretty simple. The United States turned its business in a war machine. One of it largest budgets goes to the Military Industrial Complex in the tune of roughly 1 trillion dollars each fiscal year.

    The Chinese became a business center and grew into a manufacturing powerhouse so much so that US Corporations flocked to China to build them trinkets. Now China has the upper hand because it has all of the US Corps trade and engineering secrets. If China wants all it has to do is to get TMSC to turn over all those Apple engineering designs for their products. Pretty smart as this was all stealth. China allowed the US to become a military industrial nation while China went after it and the worlds manufacturing business.

    As economist Martin Armstrong has repeatedly said, that by 2032, China will become the Financial Center and Capitol of the world. Finance will shift from West to East.