Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lie of the DAY!

I have been thinking about this take off on my blog for sometime, this is a heading that will hopefully allow me to capture some of the most blatant untruths being spread. I hope to highlight some of the misstatements, and spin, and lies. May I shed a bit of light on the sweet and subtle ways  we are influenced in our fast moving culture, a culture  that has little time to look back, thanks for reading.

               March28,2012------This morning at 8:30 durable goods for February were released and broadcast on Bloomberg television, they were slightly less then spectacular. Bloomberg made a point of saying the figures were having little immediate effect on the market as the Dow lost over half its gain within two minutes, the Dow futures fell from up 36 points to dead flat by 9:00.
               If the figures came in better then expected the information would have repeatedly been flashed and "in your face". I saw little but at 9:04 the changing banner at the bottom of the screen reported (Durable goods rise 2.2% in February. Topped 3.0% Est.)------------oh a sweet and subtle mistake!

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