Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Don't Know That!

He Was Not There, Don't Believe All You Hear!
Oh, to the confident and suave television and news commentators, politicians, and the experts that speak with such authority, I include the pundits and all the so called specialist, to you I  say, I'm skeptical and dubious. Even when you attempt to mask your bias and hide your agenda, I must often remind myself that, you don't know that. It is often not the message you put out, but how you project it. I can see you now, your head a bobbing and your arms moving all around, you state your case with such brilliance and force that often we are carried away!

This rant is in reference to all the pundits and so-called experts, about all the words that spew from their mouths, about the reams of material they write, and the large quantity of often misstated facts they put forth. Sometimes they even go as far as to tell us exactly what someone was thinking, for example, if a commentator states, "when Martin jumped he knew it was to his death", I ask, how do they know that? It is possible that Martin was an optimist and thought he could survive the fall or the light never came on. The fact is that when it comes down to what someone is thinking these authorities are usually speculating.

After they have used every line from "green shoots" and "edge of the envelope" they say, "that being said" and after "having said that" they often wow me with "just do the math" or "it is not if, it is when". A major pet peeve of mine is the mixing up of "millions and billions" of dollars when talking about money or cost. But what sends me over the top is the line often used by politicians and our so called public servants to justify some unsavory action, "it would have been far worse if we had done nothing". How do they know that? I beg to differ, but on more than one occasion I wish they had done nothing.

It seems that our society has been inundated by speculation and hype which in the end is a lot about nothing. Many people love to defer to the opinions and advice of so called experts so they don't have to think, of course, I don't know that for sure. When we look behind the curtain, we often find their background in the subject they are commenting on is weak and short, or clouded and blurred by bias. One thing I do know is that is not based on speculation or hearsay is that it would be a lot easier to tolerate these clowns if they were right at least every now and then.

Footnote; Instead of watching the talking heads speculate about who will run for president in 2020, yes I wrote 2020, you could concentrate on the definition of is! More below,

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