Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Syria Has Slipped Into Civil War

The Red Cross has made it official, they have declared that Syria is now in civil war. The shops in Damascus are barer than usual and many have taken down the photographs of President Bashar Assad that once presided over every establishment in the Syrian capital. The regime has until recently held up the city as proof of its control over the country, vast swathes of which are controlled by opposition forces. The Free Syrian Army is making incursions into the city more often and holding ground. It is becoming harder to find supporters of  Assad even in Damascus.

While many residents have not embraced the political opposition—a bunch of exiles—nor the Free Syrian Army, the groups of armed opponents whom many also fear. But they have turned away from the regime that has spilled so much blood. “This violence can't go on,” says a wealthy man who lives close to the presidential palace. A mother of three echoes his thoughts: “We have no idea what could come after this regime but you can't be a Muslim or a Christian and accept this killing.” Protests, although small, break out more frequently. The shelling and destruction of towns and villages across the country has sent people fleeing to the capital, bringing terrible stories, anger and unrest.

For some time I have contended that while the situation is indeed sad and very ugly, no easy answers exist. Other then continuing to bang away at those that are sending support to the Assad regime and helping refugees that flee the country little can be done to lessen the loss of life. Any programs that pour weapons into Syria risk escalating an already bad situation. More violence will desensitize the people and most likely destabilize the countries institutions, this will lead to a downward spiral and further violence.

This was seen coming:  please review my previous post from February 12th, Syria uprising is past the point of Return!

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