Saturday, September 22, 2012

10 Things Mitt Romney Should Say

These are ten things Mitt Romney should say and make perfectly clear if he wants to get elected.

1      Politicians have often rushed to offer infrastructure like bridges but fail to address the massive waste in government spending projects as they tear up and replace perfectly good sidewalks, the jobs government creates are the wrong kind of jobs. Mitt Romney should focus on this issue, a "Government Centered Economy" is one that does not work. All jobs are not created equal, we need real jobs!

2      The healthcare bill Romney helped create differs greatly from Obamacare, several big differences exist. "Romneycare" covered only one state, not the whole Nation, it is fairly easy to leave the state. Massachusetts has a far healthier population then America in general, obesity and poor unhealthy minorities are much less of a problem to drive cost skyward. He should remind voters that he was working within a very liberal state solidly controlled by Democrats, in this case the bill that was passed was largely embraced and not crammed down the peoples throats. For the average American that pays for healthcare, prices have soared.

3      The entitlement societies that have developed over the last several decades were created on the back of technological advantages, industrial revolution, capital accumulated from the colonial era, and the domination of global finances. They were built on the assumption that those advantages would continue in both Europe and US, now reality has raised its ugly head and it is becoming apparent that this is unsustainable. The entitlements and promises that have piled up and have become overwhelming. While the populations of Europe and America were led to believe the good times would never end their core capital, technological and productive advantages have eroded and manufacturing jobs have gone elsewhere.

4      For years Americans were led to believe that they were moving up the value chain, while in reality the opposite was true. The debt fueled prosperity and consumption growth led many to believe that their future would be secure if they moved towards "higher value adding activities" than the emerging and developing countries. This has proven false, instead low skilled service jobs have replaced them and have removed the supports from our debt fueled prosperity showing it to be unsustainable, and we must now minimize that damage.

5     That he is an excellent CEO that understand business and money, these are qualities that are needed to clean up and set America's economic house in order. A strong America and a safe America cannot exist if the country is financially weak. This is not only from a military standpoint but includes those that depend on entitlement programs like social security and medicare. While we do not need to love him, we do need a President that has these qualities. The Presidency should not be a popularity contest.

6     Claims that Obama saved the auto industry with his government bailout are far overblown. A far better and healthier GM would exist today if GM had gone through bankruptcy. Bankruptcy does not mean going out of existence, many airlines have gone bankrupt and reorganized, we see their jets flying overhead everyday. Sad fact is the American economy is supported by a pool of debt and deficit spending, six trillion dollars of it over the last four years. This equivalent to a staggering 18,000 dollars for every person in America. Can your family write a check today to repay its share? The coming years appear no better.

7     Yes, he has made a great deal of money, and he would of made a great deal more had he not become Governor of Massachusetts and spent so much time setting the Olympics straight for America. Mitt Romney has made enough money and has since given back to his country. Has he protected his wealth for both himself and his family? Yes, wouldn't you?

8      He pays the income taxes as the law requires. He does not set the tax rate, that job has fallen on Congress. Tax policy is a major factor in determining how people invest and spend their money. The tax code must be "simplified and cleaned up". At the same time he should pledge that he would not appoint as Secretary of the Treasury a person guilty of cheating on his income taxes. Yes, I'm talking about Obama and his appointment of Tim Geithner.

9     America and the world needs to establish a longer vision of our future. We must begin to "conserve", the world must begin to face the fact that its resources are limited. The development of the planet is maturing, we need to move the world in the direction of being a kinder and more gentle place. We must consider that less can be more, and that quality is often better then quantity. If this is not done the world may soon become a very hostile and violent place as we are forced to fight over Earth's resources.

And finally #10     He must say that he is not George Bush! He never has been, and never will be, he is Mitt Romney. Obama is not running against George Bush. Obama cannot run from his record of high deficits. Obama has pitted Americans against each other in a game of class warfare. Our culture needs to be one of personal responsibility and opportunity, not over regulation and dependence on government. Romney must remind Americans that you cannot legislate decency.


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