Saturday, September 22, 2012

China, "made by America"

Many Americans cringe when they think about the billions of dollars of consumer goods we import from China every month, but what makes it even more bizarre is that China is an American made product. Decades ago America started down a perilous path to build China into a world power. This was driven by a  pathological fear of  Russia and the Kremlin’s atheism. Because of this America sought a counterbalance in the region. Central to this effort was offering the prospect of economic incentives to China. We combined this with a hardline military response to communist aggression. Ironically, it was China’s communist longevity the Washington wise men should have feared more.

China Is An American Created Export Machine
In our arrogance and efforts to control the world, we greatly underestimated the Chinese leader's ability to bend our goals to fit their needs. We also did not consider how such an underdeveloped nation would be able to retain an anti-American attitude as they took advantage of a system where they reinvested their profits and bought our debt. This gave them influence and sway over our future policies. Few Americans ever thought China would rapidly grow to challenge America economically and worse yet gain massive influence across the world.

To support China’s economic growth and over 1.3 billion people an export machine has developed, absorbing the products created by their export agenda. China's output has resulted in many industrialized countries experiencing a decline and stagnation, this includes those in Europe. Because of low production cost, and little regulation, jobs began to be shifted and work "outsourced" to China. Disloyal multinationals are now shipping their products great distances from China to the same infrastructure that they have abandoned and left with excess capacity.

Back in the 1970s when MAD (mutually assured destruction) and the communists' stated goal of global domination defined much of international politics the US foreign policy initiative aimed at splitting China from the USSR was an obvious choice. To separate China from Russia by strengthening our ties with China, and help develop the country made sense. For straightforward geopolitical reasons America went down this path, but the path became a slippery slope, a slide greased by greed and short-term self-interest. Those who let this nightmare get out of hand should have been forewarned, "be careful what you wish for."

Footnote; While many Americans think China is massively strong reality shows many flaws. The post below delves into some of them.

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