Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Encourage Your Children To Become Politicians

Mommas in America were discouraged in a song many years ago from letting their children grow up to be cowboys, it appears to have been a reasonable decision. Today after viewing the lifestyles associated with many career paths, politics and the route of so-called "public service" seems to offer much potential. A career in politics can grant you a lifestyle where you, and oftentimes your family will get to rub elbows with the ultra wealthy and the country's most powerful titans of business and industry.

Politicians Are The New Elite
This career choice also has the benefit of sheltering you and extending legal protection that covers you from the responsibilities of your actions. Flying about in private planes politicians are rewarded with generous pensions and superior healthcare benefits far outside the reach of the average citizen. Imagine enjoying an expense account, retreats at lavish resorts, elegant dinners, tantalizing perks, and a pension, this is followed by lucrative connections that will serve you after you later move into consulting or the private sector.

Stay at the best five-star hotels with your beverage of choice waiting in your suite. During your time in government, you will carry an aura of power setting you above the common man, like a rock star, you will arrive in style, chauffeured about in limousines at the tax payers expense, and experience tours of important sites while security closes them to the masses. Even private concerts in your home by the world's most famous entertainers are not out of question. 

For example, recently Obama, his family, and some close friends recently flew to Hawaii on Air Force One to enjoy a marvelous two-week vacation. During their stay, the adjoining beachfront property was blocked off from all users including the neighbors in adjacent homes. If you ever hope to be shuttled to an event in a traffic-stopping motorcade, becoming a politician may be your best chance. The potential to experience a lavish existence may best be played out by assuming the role of a selfless "public servant".

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  1. When I look at the pay & bennies professional politicians get, I can only come to ONE conclusion: I'm in the wrong business!