Wednesday, January 9, 2013

They Sometimes Eat Their Young!

I recently watched a wildlife documentary  were they showed animals sometimes eat their young. Most adult humans would find such an act unthinkable, to most of us our children are our future. However, it might be it is because we don't realize how yummy they can taste. All joking aside, a point does exist to this post that has started in a rather bizarre way, but it exist at the other end of our lifespan. This is just a reminder that over mans history atrocities have occurred.

As society continues to kick the can down the road, it passes the obligation of paying for our excesses on to the young and future generations, a time may come where they simply say, No More! If and when such a time does come a harsh reality may descend on our elderly and those least able to care for themselves. While it is hard for many to conceive such an occurrence, unimaginable, stranger and more bizarre events have taken place during mans time on earth. 

As our culture continues to develop, we face many changes and many challenges. In my book "Advancing Time" I write about how mankind and the fabric of society has never had to adjust so quickly to change and  technology. The most dramatic change has taken place in the last two hundred years. The average person today seems oblivious to this and acts like this is business as usual, it is not. Each day we become more dependent on technology and a supply line of parts that if disrupted would plunge society into chaos.

With human connections increasingly taking place online, it is possible that face to face connections will drop in value. Will we become even more self-centered? Will this break the bonds that glue us together as a species? We must also factor in the people and agendas of those that pull the strings and grease the wheels that make things work. If the one percent decides that a less populated world would be better then watch out. Things could get icky fast as populations and obligations grow on the ever more crowded plant named Earth. We can only hope that this is not the case.

As a foot note; When one or more of the thousands upon thousands of nuclear bombs that exist throughout the world is used to kill a large number of innocent people, and it will happen, we will be shocked and surprised. We will then ask why did we let this happen. Below is another post that takes us down the same road,

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