Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dangerous World? No Worry, have some pie!

A recent two year budget in Washington has again kicked down the road and delayed the need to make any major reforms. Again we have avoided facing the tough issues. It seems the Republican's new strategy of how to govern the country is becoming clearer every day. It seems they will just try to sneak in the door as "the only other option" when the other worthless bums are tossed out. This clarifies and acts as a reminder that a crisis is often not a crisis. Often it is just a crisis in the making!

A rising issue is becoming income and social inequality, this means the party in power going forward may just be the one that takes the strongest stand against more money flowing into the hands of a small fraction of the top one percent. Whoever wants to win the chance to lead must figure how to give the impression they will corral this top .01 percent while at the same time allowing the middle class and economy the to flourish. With crony capitalist running amuck actually doing this will be easier said than done.

My latest theory after all I have seen and all the frustrations from both the economy and politics is that things will always more or less move forward. This does not mean that they will not take two steps forward and one step back or that the path will always be smooth and straight. To many the world might appear to be in a state of flux and a colossal mess yet we seem to blunder ever forward. Fear not a systematic failure but instead take heart that the sun will come up tomorrow.

Like the dance band on the Titanic that plays as the ship goes down most the people in this world are often oblivious to what is happening around them. This might be considered more proof that those of us proclaiming doom are wrong and that our moronic cries hinge on a heightened sense of fear. Just because you catch someone in a lie does not mean they will stop lying, often the best way to cover a lie is with another, then another, then another.

Escaping our economic morass will most likely take an interesting route going forward. While those in power, the politicians, central bankers, and the infamous one percenters appear to have painted themselves into a corner they also have super powers that allow the constant creation of new exits. Pray tell you might ask. The power of the pointed finger and the placing of blame should never be underestimated for they are indeed magical. So I say to those who see this as a dangerous world, my solution is we should all try to relax and have some pie.

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