Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Budget Woes Unaddressed

As we enter the holiday period more budget woes lay ahead only the times and dates are different. Like the remake of a bad movie we have little to look forward to. They may have changed the backdrop and tried to clean up the worse lines but it is the same old bad movie, again. Washington has done a great job of doing nothing. For every reason to take action now they come up with an argument that delay is the best policy considering the weak economy. Leaving the spending issues unaddressed has become the easiest solution.

Back on August 3rd of this year I penned an article saying that America had been lulled with the rest of the world into complacency as we have kicked the can down the road and I continued that as a nation we have yet to feel much pain from the sequester. Not dealing with what we were told was a massive problem has only reinforced the idea that far too much has been made as to the ramifications of an out of control budget going forward.

This time expect the strategy and posturing to be somewhat different, what I'm seeing develop is an "almost surreal" feeling of indifference. Expectations have dropped to such a low level that it appears most Americans no-longer seek a solution but that they only want Washington to do no more harm to the current situation. After some grandstanding and a bit of theatrical outrage both republicans and democrats seem ready to agree to a deal that extends the status quo.

 Footnote; Your comments are welcome and encouraged. If you have time check out the archives for other post that may be of interest. The posts below are my August post on the budget issue that was fast approaching followed by an artical hoping the shutdown would have a positive effect.

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