Friday, April 29, 2016

Indiana Voter Weighs In On Trump!

Trump May Become The Explainer In Chief
This year it looks like my vote will matter more than usual. Following Trump's big five state win last Tuesday we are beginning to see a change in the attitudes of some the political pundits and naysayers that have been in a tither over Trump. It is now clear he is not a fad. The truth is Trump is now solidly positioned to be ordained the Presidential nominee of the Republican party. A Wall Street Journal headline that caught my attention stating "Trump Must Start to Provide Specific Plans" to prove he has substance. Another stated that if  Republicans want to win they should reconsider their Trump embrace or they will be diving into "who-knows-what”.  A piece in Market Watch  reported that Obama does not think Trump will be President sighting his "faith" in the American people to understand this it is a serious job. This is a sample of opinions and politics today.

Trump Has Faced Massive Ridicule
The barrage is endless and the line of those loading on to discredit and undermine Trump is long. Mainstream media and Politicians have made it clear that once the American people become "better educated and understand" they will reject this man. As far as the issue of a candidate providing "specific plans" since when and why would that be important? While people often say they want specifics it seems that more often than not it is so they can use them to tear the proposal apart. Seldom if ever do we see any of these ideas or plans adopted as proposed. Washington has a remarkable ability to turn something simple and clear into a complicated 2,000 page monster of loopholes and switchbacks that serve the lobbyist and elite. The sad reality is specifics don't matter and vision trumps promises. Is Trump smart? One thing is clear and that is he has skills, he has negotiated his way to the front of this race.

One message being made clear during this primary season is that it would be wise not to underestimate the growing discontent and angst of the American people. Exit polls from recent primary voters confirm a high degree of dissatisfaction or downright anger. Politicians are not held in high regard. If you want to know how America views Washington you only need to watch an episode or two of the popular Netflix TV series, House Of Cards. Politics is a snake pit where lies and misdirection run wild and an election is one of the few forums where people can make their anger heard. On February 17th a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll conducted after a combative debate performance claims that support for Donald Trump among Republicans has declined in leaving him slightly behind Sen. Ted Cruz in the race for GOP presidential nominee. Trump has since battled back and whether the polls were wrong or voters taking a second look at Cruz simply rejected him is a matter of opinion.  

Under-preforming Would Cost Trump Prestige
As the field of candidates has narrowed to three from seventeen the voters seem to be lining up behind Trump. If nothing else we have to admit the man is entertaining. Following his win in South Carolina, the New York businessman bashed both the poll and the paper saying the pollster should be fired. While far from the perfect candidate, Trump as a choice for the highest office does carry with it many interesting aspects. Having a bit of money in his own right Trump has alleged he need not steal or prostitute himself out to special interest. In all honesty, if Trump is elected he has more to lose in prestige if he performs poorly than anyone else currently running, I only wish all politicians were so motivated.

Past polls showed that if the primary had come down to a head-to-head choice, both Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio could beat Trump by double-digit margins. To some voters, all this Trump bashing was interpreted and reeked of the media and establishment politicians again trying to control who is eventually elected. Visions of prior races quickly come to mind and with the memories a picture of a powerful media that makes or breaks a candidate at will. Leading up to 2000 Bush was heralded as a smart capable leader. More recently most of us remember how Obama was portrayed as someone capable of healing the nation and bringing about change, he was the force that would bring us together and get a dysfunctional Washington back on track. Ironically, by the time this primary was in full swing, it is no longer a compliment for Marco Rubio to be dubbed by some as Obama 2.0, a reference to his skills to bedazzle us with a clean reasoned message.

During the last Presidential election, we all remember how Mitt Romney was ridiculed for stating in a closed door meeting the simple truth, "There are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what ... who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims. ... These are people who pay no income tax. ... and so my job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." Romney spoke the truth but offended those demanding we be politically correct, but it is important to remember politics makes strange bedfellows and Trumps proven record of negotiating skills should be able to exploit this. Note the irony that both Trump and Sanders are against the recent trade deal and see it as exporting jobs to distant lands, many Americans would love to see a situation develop where something gets done with both parties working together.

The path before Trump is still long and even if polls show he has large dis-favorable ratings most likely he will be running against the person he has dubbed "crooked Hillary" who is equally disliked. Race and gender will play a role in this election, but they always do, but many working Democrats and swing voters have indicated we are on the wrong path. Trump has run a campaign spending far less than his competition and it speaks volumes as to how he would run the government and cut waste. Trump understands America must have a strong economy to remain a world power, Hillary does not. Expect a great deal of effort will be made to portray Trump as unstable or dangerous and as a man who cannot be trusted with control of America's nuclear arsenal, however, we should remember Trump has far more to lose by unleashing these forces than the average American. The truth is rich people do not like to blow up their own property, meaning nuclear war would cost him plenty. Between these two flawed candidates, I as an Indiana voter choose Trump.

On occasion over the years like many people I have considered running for public office because of my frustration with how poorly government functions and the outright corruption or should we say crony capitalism that has flourished. It may be that I'm simply too busy or that looming in my mind are images that I would never pass the litmus test of pandering and political correctness, also I would not do well in an environment where I would have to deal with all the clowns we have placed in public office. The fact is I like responsible, self-reliant, people and find it difficult to pander to those who constantly ask for more and more help. Bottom-line is that whatever we do "it ain't enough" to fill the needs of those wanting more.

Footnote; This is not a full fledged endorsement or a declaration of love for Donald Trump, but rather the solid recognition that he would not be the most illogical choice American voters have ever made.

Footnote #2; A similar version of this article ran on February 24th under the title, "Trump Must Start To Provide Specific Plans, Or Should He?"

Footnote#3; A must watch for anyone supporting Trump is the hilarious comparison of Trump's speechs to those of Hitler.
Bill Maher Translate Hitler Speech & It Sound Like Donald Trump March 4th, 2016 (HBO)


  1. Anti-Trump pundits call him a clown, an entertainer or whatever. Trump may not have any experience in political office. He maybe a bad business man who needs daddy's money. But....

    At this point. I would vote for Mickey F%$^ing Mouse if he struck back against the leftist political correctness, White Man hating Femocrat conglomerate. Mickey could even admit he was going to raise my taxes while reigning in the racist DoJ and I would still vote for him.

    Voting for a anti-PC clown is even better.

    1. As I stated, "One message being made clear during this primary season is that it would be wise not to underestimate the growing discontent and angst of the American people." Your comment reflects that.

  2. I am solidly in the Never Trump camp. I have search the Internet for reasons to change my views, but as yet have not found any compelling information that would spur this change.

    Yes,the American people are angry and fed up with the double dealing politicians in Washington. Trump has capitalized on these feelings, and with the free 2 billion in media coverage, has been able to turn these feelings of betrayal into a strong, loyal following.

    No matter how strong or brilliant or perfect Trump may or may not be, the answer to "Making America Great Again" is not to be found in the antics of one man.

    America's exceptionalism comes from our Founding documents. Our Constitution is what impowers our lives, our economy,and our security. This is our path to restoring all that made America the engine of prosperity, not just for her citizens, but for people the world over.

    It is when we stray from the concepts of limited national government, natural individual rights, free markets and property rights that we loose. Trump has not articulated any fidelity to or understanding of these concepts. Indeed, what little details he has given are in direct conflict with our Constitution. Tariffs, capital controls, taking of private property to give to another for private use, use of torture against innocent civilians, etc.

    It is very polyanish to believe that he would change a system of crony capitalism that he has exploited and lived within to build his empire. He embodies the system; tearing it down would require dismantling his whole business model. People do not transform overnight. Just as the Clinton's have used their offices for personal gain, I'm sure Trump would also use the office of the Presidency to enhance his business deals.

    In short, everything in Trump's background leads me to believe he recognized and is taking advantage of the emotiions of the American people. History tells us populist movements usually end very badly. Sadly, this one will be no different.

    1. Trump seems way more diplomatic and reasonable than you give him credit for.

  3. Thank you for your well written and thoughtful comment. Rand Paul was my strong first choice because I also seek limited government or at least a halt to its rapid expansion. Unfortunately we must play the cards we are dealt. It is also unfortunate has such a flawed system by which to choose a President. The post below critiques our current system.


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