Saturday, October 16, 2021

Power Grid Failure Remains A Game-Changer

When the power grid fails, modern life rapidly grinds to a halt. This game-changer is an issue we must seriously recognize. Whether we are talking about the grid or soaring electricity cost one thing is very clear, we are very dependent on electricity. This article should be considered a reminder of the fragility of our codependent modern society and how the things we have come to depend on could vanish in a heartbeat. By highlighting some of the vulnerabilities we face, even if they have been voiced by others in the past, at least we raise awareness of some of the dangers we face. 

News of blackout and energy shortages also raises the question of what is going on and whether we are being "toyed with" by those pushing us towards what they see as a greener future. It could be argued these "outages" are why we need to rapidly, "build back better" the whole grid. Of course, the flip side of that argument is that overzealous environmentalists are causing most of the problems that have resulted in outages. Electricity remains the lubricant of modern life, without it society cannot function. A great deal of damage occurs to the economy when a  power outage takes place. People can't work, food supplies are damaged, and in times of inclement weather, people suffer greatly. Most Americans remember the power outage that gripped much of Texas in February of 2021. It resulted in pipes freezing and bursting and a great deal of suffering.

Blackouts have long been a thing of the past in most major cities but that has started to change. According to Bloomberg, the energy crisis that is rippling through Asia and Europe could unleash similar electricity shortages and blackouts in the United States. Soaring natural gas prices are forcing U.S. utilities to quickly turn to more coal. This is expected to cause huge price increases for consumers of electricity in the future. The soaring natural gas, coal, and oil prices are a clear signal the green energy transition will not be fast or cheap. Supply chain problems and a lack of workers are rapidly adding to concerns.  Due to a combination of these factors, several areas of the world are experiencing electricity disruptions. People in China, the UK, Continental Europe, and now India are currently seeing power outages.

The reality we face is that labor shortages and a COVID-related collapse in global supply chains have made a mess of things. All this has left several countries desperate for badly needed fuel supplies from LNG to coal to unrefined crude oil. While this has taken the focus off financial issues such as the failure of Evergrande, the power cuts are causing real and immediate pain. With areas forced to adopt rolling blackouts, we can expect the temporary loss of power to factories to further weaken supply chains. At least two factory owners in southern Guangdong province confirmed to the ABC that they have had to partially halt operations as power plants struggle.

Years ago, Ted Koppel the veteran newsman and the former anchor of ABC’s Nightline wrote a book that delved into how we have grown accustomed to cyber-attacks and makes the point that we have never had a cyber-attack that amounts to a weapon of mass destruction.  The secretary of defense at the time, Leon Panetta, called the threat of a cyber-attack on the power grid potentially a cyber-Pearl Harbor. An attack that would bring down our nation's power grid would be devastating. There is no question that the moment the lights go out everything would change and both our country and economy would immediately be forced into survival mode.

Devastating Power Outages Happen

If you want a vision of real "gloom and doom" take a moment and ponder the possibility of a devastating cyber-attack on America's power grid. Being a believer in several of the ideas and theories presented by writers like Nicolas Taleb, author of the best-sellers "The Black Swan" and later a book titled "Antifragile" it is not unusual that I find Ted Koppel's book interesting. The book titled "Lights Out", points out that a cyber-attack on America's power grid is not only possible but likely and that we as both a country and as a culture are shockingly unprepared for such an occurrence. 

In fact, our whole society has become based on what we consider an unending flow of current that allows us to live lives of comfort. In the past when the lights go out it is usually because of Mother Nature and we have always managed to get through it. But what if the power went out in several states affecting millions of people for weeks, even months?  In "Lights Out," Koppel  does not pussyfoot around, he paints a grim picture of a paralyzing power outage in the form of an all-out cyber-attack on the nation's electrical grid. This is a grim possibility few Americans are willing to consider or face. When Americans can no longer check their food stamp balance on their $800 cell phone, it means reality has come home to roost. 


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  1. Richard Duncan's work around his Transient-Pulse (aka Olduvai) Theory may be of particular interest in this vein. For as an electrical engineer he predicts industrial civilisation has a lifespan of about 200 years before energy-per-capita falls off a cliff (primarily due to Peak Oil) and we all return to a stone-age way of life once the power grid fails...

  2. No, it's not Doom and Gloom. Why would anyone come to that conclusion? If you'd asked me 3 yrs ago if it was possible the global economy would have been shut down over a questionable pandemic, most everyone would have called me a "nutter". Okay, i'll say it, a Scam-demic. If you'd asked me that the world would lockdown it's citizens just to avoid catching something that in most cases has mild to no symptoms and kills off those in a certain health and age category, I would have said you are nuts.

    But let's ask the bigger questions. What was Tony Fauci doing in Wuhan China several months before the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus? Let's also ask why Tony Fauci owns a Covid 19 patent. Let's also ask why Bill Gates invested millions if not billions into BioNTech a Pfizer company who created the Covid 19 vaccine? Has anyone asked Bill Gates for his on the record statements regarding "depopulating the world"? Because he is a big believer in that.

    We have to ask these questions because we can NO longer trust what the government, media and Big Pharma tells us. When we come to the conclusion that the answer is no, then we can move on.

    So is it possible that the United States can have blackouts as well as all kinds of shortages including food? The answer would be yes. Why? Because once we come to the understanding that we are dealing with a manufactured pandemic then we get the answer that the Gov't, Media and Big Pharma are not looking out for us The Plebs. These people have deliberately destroyed the economies and lives of its citizens and put small businesses, out of business.

    We have on record thousands of vaccine deaths and injuries with ZERO liability for the vaccine companies. Rather than allowing people to have alternative options to treat Covid 19, they are "herded" towards the vaccine as the only approved option but those vaccine have still not been approved. Oh wait the FDA did approve a Covid 19 vaccine, except it's not available and is the same stuff you currently get.

    So this is all about Covid and why we are dealing with labor shortages, transportation issues and soon to be food shortages, fuel shortages etc. People are hip to the fact they have been lied to. They are hip to the fact that these vaccines pose possible health and life threatening problems and have said, NO it's not worth the risk. I'd rather not work.

    And yet the Gov't response is, "We are losing our patience". So the politicians, our leaders don't care if we have food, fuel shortages because this is all a play to destroy the Global Economy to "Build Back Better". In fact the more chaos they create the better it is for them because they are banking on The Plebs turning to them for solutions. It's Gov't and Medical tyranny at its finest.

    So this is no longer all about Doom and Gloom? I'd say it's all about reality. We are now living in George Orwell's 1984 Utopia in the 21st Century.

  3. Gradually, over the last few years, I have been prepping for this situation. 300 gallon used propane tank, a couple of smaller LP fueled portable generators, some LP heaters and cooktop. I have several larger PV panels, along with batteries, charge controllers and inverters. I'd like to find a good DC chest refrigerator, but the good ones aren't cheap.
    Rain catchment is another cobble up project in my future.
    Great article, thx.

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