Sunday, July 14, 2019

Amazon Is Bad For America - Boycott Anything Amazo...

Advancing Time: Amazon Is Bad For America - Boycott Anything Amazo...: An All Too common Sight All Across America Amazon's coming Prime Day global shopping event is the perfect time for consumers to just say no to the company. Prime day is part of Amazon's engulf and
devour strategy to weasel its way into our lives. It is difficult to
quantify all the damage Amazon has done to America as it has burrowed
its way into the fabric of society. 

This article explores some of the many ways Amazon has exploited communities by continually telling consumers it is the answer to a "better America" while it feeds at the government teat. It also urges people to consider what kind of
community and society they want in the coming years before jumping on the
Amazon bandwagon. Again I say, Boycott Amazon!

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  1. Perhaps Karl Marx was onto to something regarding capitalism because it truly does appear the "snake is eating it's own tail".

    The author fondly wrote this about Walmart: "I remember the eyes of the nation turned towards Florida when Hurricane Irma was bearing down with category 5 winds and companies like Walmart and Target queued up to give back to the communities that supported their stores."

    And yet Walmart has gotten to where it is today by destroying local businesses and communities with it's predatory business practices. Once upon a time there was such a thing as stationary, shoe, pharmacy and hardware stores. Over the decades the Big Box stores led by Home Depot and Walmart have put those local businesses out to pasture. Now we have CVS/Walgreens, Payless Shoes, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Office Depot.

    So does this make Amazon the bad guy in this scenario? Jeff Bezos made a sage comment where he said, Companies have a finite lifespan and eventually they are upstaged by someone else. In other words there is a company waiting in the wings that someday will do to Amazon what Amazon is now doing to brick and mortar stores. The Snake eating it's tail.

    Then you have robotics which is coming online faster than you can blink an eye. Amazon wants to replace it's warehouse and distribution centers with robots and Walmart and the others are getting into the act. In SW Florida where I live there's a company in Sarasota that makes robotics for recycling companies that will with almost 100% accuracy pick and process recyclable plastics 4x faster than 2 humans and they don't require lunch or bathroom breaks. The Snake eating it's own tail.

    So what do we suppose will happen when Robots have replaced humans according to some studies between 40-60% by 2050? That's a lot of people out of the work force. Will robots take their hard earned money and buy from Walmart or Amazon? Perhaps those Robots will be the ones to hand out unemployment checks to those human workers out of the workforce. The Snake eating it's own tail.

    So I have NO problem buying or doing business with Amazon because if it's not Amazon it's any of the Big Box stores including Walmart that have decimated local communities and businesses. And one day another company according to Jeff Bezos will replace Amazon. This is what happens when the Snake eats it's own tail !