Sunday, December 20, 2020

Tent In Snow On Side Of My Building Reveals A Problem

This message comes from the middle of the country. These several "odd events" I encountered during the week seemed special enough to be merited as note-worthy. If similar situations become more common we have a big problem. Together, these events may shed a bit of light on both the economy and the "State of the Union." This message comes from the middle of the country. All of these fall into the category of things we notice while going through our day.

This Doesn't Work In Middle America
In my opinion, the most mind-blowing and appalling of the three incidents I'm about to write about took place while checking on a building here in northern Indiana, I discovered a homeless person camped out in a tent on the side of it. While this is not the first time this has happened, it has never taken place when there was snow on the ground with temperatures in the 20s. 

The building which is currently for sale or lease has drawn homeless people and transients to its grounds before because of its proximity to both the interstate and a nearby huge non-profit organization that receives a great deal of government funding. The Bowen Center is the largest Community Mental Health Center in Indiana it has the mission of strengthening our communities and improving the health and well-being of those it is privileged to serve. How it serves this cause by sending their staff and clients off its non-smoking campus and onto my property for a cigarette break baffles me but I will save that for another time.

Circling back to my story, when I pulled around to the backside of the building I saw a person standing by a tent. I informed the person they could not be there and would have to move on or I would call the police. The person told me the police knew of the tent being there because they had come by the night before and taken away their wife. That is when the person cleared up one issue by informing me, in their words, "and I'm a female." That shocked me a bit and makes this story even more bizarre.

Now that I can refer to this person by the proper gender here is the rest of the story. This woman, a client of the nearby social agency, told me the police had indicated to her she could stay there and I would have to evict her if I wanted her gone. This is not true but is how some police deal with the "un-dealable" (my word.) Not only would it cost me several hundred dollars to file for such an eviction, but it is also a reach to think I could evict a trespasser whose name I do not know. While it is possible, how would the court even serve the papers? Maybe, tape them to the tent? In the end, I suggested she move a bit farther away from the building and she agreed.

Not only does this highlight the joy of owning private property in America, but more appalling the growing cancer growing within our borders. America is not supposed to be a third world country or war zone where people are forced to live in a snow-covered tent. Just as pathetic in the reaction of many social programs geared at fixing the problem by putting these people in expensive new housing that cost more than the homes in which many hard-working Americans currently live. 

Recycling Is Good For America
The next story is centered around a trip I made to the metal or scrap yard. My company is an avid supporter of recycling, but years ago stopped putting metal out for the scrapers after an expensive fence was cut and things were stolen for the metal. What stood out about this visit was I found myself to be the only customer among the companies twenty or so employees. Consider this proof that Covid-19 is taking a much larger toll upon business than is being indicated. Never before have I found these people doing so little, this is devastating to productivity.

Last but not least, an odd event that deserves more than a little attention is how the week ended for Tesla. In an insane surge in Tesla's stock price during the final 60 seconds of trading, TSLA saw its stock jump $50 at close placing it at the all-time high of $695 a share. Some people speculate this move was predetermined by a specific set of algo and derivative considerations. This puts Tesla with a staggering PE ratio of over 1,388 times earnings per share. This puts the company at a market cap of over $658 billion. This makes Tesla almost 20 times more valuable than Ford. Consider this an example of markets disconnected from reality and a world moving towards even bigger problems.


Footnote; The following is the link to an article from AdvancingTime on the subject of putting the homeless in expensive housing.


  1. When I wrote this piece, I expected a little heat from those sympathetic with this woman's plight. In my defense, it should be noted I worked things out with her and did not call the police. The problem is that if a property owner does not tell such people to move along they have liability issues and more tents often appear. This means before long neighbors complain and the owner appears in the news as "being the problem." The fact is that it is not reasonable to expect him to adopt the homeless.

    When I owned a building downtown with a private gated and fenced in courtyard. Because it was only blocks from the mission, we had a problem with squatters sneaking in at night to sleep and taking a dump on the sidewalk before leaving. When this occurred we never had a compassionate person with a bleeding heart rush forward and volunteer to clean up the shit on the sidewalk.

    Owning private property brings with it problems. When liberals forget this and diminish the rights of the owners they tend to do little to ease the problems of owning property. In this case, it seems, the big government-supported "non-profit" next door should take more responsibility for its clients. Sending them around the corner onto private property is not a reasonable solution.

  2. I find this guy's style of writing where he prolongs the point tedious.

  3. A good analysis and a case where the local newspaper might want to do a piece on a charity not taking responsobility for its clients effects on the surrounding community. Assuming there are any journalists around not infected with the liberal ideology colleges and universities inject them with.