Sunday, April 7, 2013

Deer Commits Suicide In My Building

This may fall into the category of the strangest post I have written, it concerns a deer that committed suicide in one of my buildings. If you read my bio you would of noticed that I own properties, and that as a landlord I have a hands on approach. This often means that I'm alerted when a problem occurs. I received a call on Sunday afternoon just after 4:30 concerning a break in at an empty retail store that I have the pleasure of owning. The alarm company had dispatched the police after hearing glass being broken, this was followed by a banging sound inside the structure.

It was reported and confirmed by the police that windows had been broken, the floor was covered with blood, and the body of a large deer was found in one of the offices. The deer, from now on referred to as Bambi had ran through the front plate glass window and entered the building. Once inside she had flung herself at full speed through a reflective two way mirror. Bambi then died on the office floor. Cause of death was not confirmed, she may of bled to death from the cuts she had sustained, but more likely it was from head trauma or a broken neck.

So you have it, another day in a landlords life, this on a Sunday. The police were not allowed to help the officer from animal control carry the body from the office area because it was against department policy. So I was recruited, it was my building, thus my body.  I had to question how I got so lucky, why me? We placed Bambi on a tarp to carry her out, but she slid off the tarp after a few feet so we "hoofed her out of there", this means we grabbed her by the legs to a layperson unfamiliar with deer removal. After two hours, boarding up, and cleaning up broken glass, I was left to reflect on the cost of this fun afternoon, as damage in dollar amounts fell under the insurance deductible. I don't remember this as being in the job description.

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