Sunday, April 7, 2013

Government Loves To Grow Ever Larger

The role of Government in America is changing, over the last several decades we have seen a shift away from Adam Smith’s idea of limited government. This is occurring on federal, state, and local levels. Much of this has been in the form of mandates. Often unfunded mandates are fostered upon businesses, organizations and private citizens. Like a chameleon, often hidden while in plain view, they quietly weave their way into our lives. One cute trick I have noticed is that they tend to support each other, by joining together, and often by collaborating on how to address problems, this adds credibility two all the organizations involved.

If unchecked government grows - it is the nature of bureaucracy to expand. Recent advances in the last three decades in our ability to copy, edit, and print have only added to this trend, now government can easily crank out far more paper work and drown us in garbage. Many times we do not even realize that an organization has financial ties and receives funds from government. Roughly a third of money received by charities and non-profit groups flows from government. There is always some new need to be filled or service that would be useful. I for one am concerned that the use of sun-set legislation in underused or the bar set too low when it comes to extending and renewing government bodies. Remember, the best time to kill a monster is when its small!

Politicians and bureaucrats, deterred from expanding or funding programs by a few vigilant citizens, wait and find creative ways to reach their objective at a later date. They often grow by creating special bonds, attaching fees to needed services, mandating certain actions, or narrow taxes to fund new authorities, commissions, and districts. These often unneeded quasi government organizations then reach out to expand the influence and power of their directors. A new twist or phrase recently being touted and bantered about is, "private-public partnerships", this is just another step down the slippery slope leading to larger government.

Instead of focusing on the business of government and simplicity, a new proactive movement of “cuteness” cloaked in a veil of flexibility and diversity is being expanded, and we are paying the tab. Government is proud of these little pet projects, they allow bureaucrats to experiment and try new things without the personal financial risk that a businessman must take. The problem is that they are being creative on our dime, and if you have not noticed,all around the world governments are running out of money.

Footnote; for more about how government growth is often hidden please read the following,                 

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