Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Its The Economy Stupid" Trump Should Focus On Jobs!

Trump Should Focus On Job Creation!
A phrase "The economy, stupid" was coined by James Carville when he was a campaign strategist for Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against sitting president George H. W. Bush. Directly linked to this phrase is the idea of job creation. Today the fear of being replaced by a robot or seeing your job being outsourced or eliminated is on the rise. Few occupations are totally secure from the wave of labor saving technology currently in the pipeline. After facing decades of stagnate or falling wages when adjusted for inflation little wonder exist as to why the average American feels insecure or downright betrayed. As a businessman Trump holds a strong real life advantage over politician Hillary Clinton in understanding how to create jobs.

Several new technologies headed in our direction scream economic disruption, one writer I follow has pointed out on more than one occasion how self driving vehicles is a game changer. Self driving semi rigs able to safely maneuver and fill the nations interstate highways during the night when traffic is light will reduce daytime congestion but greatly reduce the ranks of a major occupation that pays relatively well. The ramifications of self driving vehicles will extend into areas such as taxi jobs and potentially change the relationship most American's have with their automobile. Currently the automobile is thought of as a mainstay of modern life in this country. Imagine not having to own a car or reducing the number of automobiles in your family because a safe and secure ride is available at the push of a button.

Amazon Boast Its Moving Towards A Robot Workforce
This returns me to the subject that Trump should hammer on, and champion, correcting the troubled job situation and declaring it his wheelhouse. Much of the angst Americans have directed at Washington is in some way or another related to how government policies have allowed jobs to flee the country and sometimes even encouraged this trend. The recent job report signaling a huge drop in hiring only highlights and makes it increasing clear that automation is not going away. Increasing wages will only accelerate and drive the trend of replacing expensive human workers with robots. Amazon the behemoth retailer known for cutting prices and exploiting brick and mortar retailers that have higher overhead because they are located in our communities often boast of its cost saving move to utilize more robots and cut human jobs.

The average American has good reason to worry not only about their job but the future opportunities available for their children. Let me make it clear, robots taking our jobs will bode poorly for the huge majority of society. The idea that those ultimately left with the decision as to how to divide the economic pie will be generous or fair is a little naive. History shows the ruling class tends to tilt the rules in their favor. Soaring economic inequality is already a major issue and the divide is most likely going to grow ever wider. When it is pointed out that entitlements are about to explode the deficit in coming years logic dictates the nation can no longer delay addressing this issue. While very important to voters creating good quality sustainable jobs is also an issue where both Clinton and President Obama who has lashed out at Trump fail to excel.

Trends Confirm Robot Workers Are Coming For Your Job
Rest assured when push comes to shove those displaced from the job market will find they are only given enough to insure they remain docile  and behave. If it ever comes to the point where filled with angst they hit the streets in angry protest it is very likely they will be beat into submission for the greater good. It should be pointed out that going forward those on the government dole or a guaranteed income may find they are at the mercy of a system where at any time benefits are canceled or cut.

Tied into Trump's solution to create new jobs is the strong message that we must demand from other nations fairer trade policies that level the playing field. We cannot compete when other nations pay their workers little, degrade the environment, and often subsidize exports in various ways. This is a stand Trump shares with Bernie Sanders and it will help him gain the votes of many Independents and some of Bernie's supporters. With the Republican primary fight behind him the pivot  to a softer sounding less abrasive stand on immigration would also garner more support and it ties in with the idea of protecting American workers. The truth is we can both build the wall and control our borders while at the same time adopting reform that seems reasonable and mutually acceptable to most Americans.

It must be recognized that anyone painting a vision that shows how America can integrate labor saving devices into a job creating bonanza would be hailed in very positive way. To be great a country must be economically strong. Key to any policy geared to creating jobs is getting the foot of government off the neck of small business. This means reducing the regulations strangling the nations most vibrant creator of jobs and where workers gain valuable work skills is a must. Tax reform and laws governing business must reduce the advantages mere size gives big business and its ability to destroy competition by mass alone. As it is big business will benefit most by adopting more automation and robot workers and this bodes poorly for most workers and society if it is not handled in a way that minimizes the damage to our culture.

Like many backseat political strategist I have grown weary of Trump positioning himself as a punching bag for the bias news media and their endless stream on pundits. Our horribly designed primary system has not brought the best and the brightest to the forefront as we are faced with choosing our next president. Many people have indicated in a series of polls that we have been left to choose the least evil of two bad choices. It would bode well if Trump could avoid going off on irrelevant tangents and some of the other subjects that are constantly being brought it the forefront by the headline thirsty media in their 24-7 barrage to discredit him. A focus on job creation and the economy where he is strongest has a bit of merit.

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