Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hypocrisy In America Reaches New Heights!

BREAKING NEWS: Today, Hypocrisy In America Has Reaches New Heights!

America Shocked-Reaction Caught On Tape
Trump said some stuff many of us hear every day so the reaction of horror and shock is a bit over the top. In a sane world, voters would be showing a little more interest in what issues are really important going forward. The Washington establishment and the crony capitalist who have made it their life raping and plundering the country for their own gain are giddy over the idea voters can so easily be distracted from the big picture. By shining the spotlight on Trump's flaws, that we knew existed all along, they seek to avoid being rejected and cast into the street.

Unfortunately, highlighting Trump's flaws do little to make a lying opportunist like Hillary Clinton easier to stomach. We can blame our poorly crafted primary process and the flawed system by which we choose our political leaders for much of this. To those of us who have grown cynical the timing of this release is also suspect. It is indeed very fortunate it comes just as a huge new batch of information is released about Hillary's speech transcripts and how and what she told bankers and Wall Street insiders conflicts with her public and election campaign persona. Trump is Trump, what is harder to define is the core beliefs of Clinton and who she will represent if elected.  

Like him or loathe him it has become clear Trump is not a part of the political elite and as a populist figure railing against the establishment, he has not been constrained by political correctness. Call what he said "locker room talk" or the words of an alpha male boasting, the words may not have been nice but the fact is most voters never viewed him as a choir boy.  Trump is the head of a political movement more than he is a product of the Republican party and he now heads a movement or shall we say, a popular uprising against failed politics and policies. The over touted benefits of globalization are now being questioned on a global scale and he has become a voice of the opposition. 

In regard to his "trashy trailer talk," it is said that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Today the sound of glass breaking and falling to the floor can be heard all across America. The sweet voices of innocent women mouth's agape declaring, "why I never" and men standing tall and denouncing Trump. It is both amusing and amazing to see so many saints and so few sinners in a land where lies are spun like cotton candy and our window to the world is a television screen where "sex sells" and violence is as common as sand in an hourglass. Below for your inspection, I submit a few of the reactions from well-known stone throwers as well as some over the top more outrageous comments that may "protest too much," no further comment is necessary.


Clinton surrogates portray Trump’s lewd comments as fitting broad pattern of behavior

Clinton surrogates portray Trump’s lewd comments as fitting broad pattern of behavior

Washington Post · 53 minutes ago
Hillary Clinton’s running mate and senior campaign aides sought to portray lewd comments by Donald Trump about women as part of a broader …

 Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), who is locked in a tough re-election race, announced Saturday that she will "not be voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and instead will be writing in Governor [Mike] Pence on Election Day."

 Carly Fiorina, who faced off with Trump several times during the GOP presidential primary and was later picked to be Ted Cruz's running mate, said Trump should step aside so that he could make way for Pence, Trump's running mate.

This latest revelation about Trump is a real setback to the four branches of our military. They've been fighting the sexual assault problem tooth and nail for years. This is truly heartbreaking. That said, the RNC did a bang-up job of selecting the candidate that best represents the GOP. Trump is the predatory poster boy; he covers the bases - both a sexual and an economic predator.

Donald Trump is a deplorable and filthy old man who has no shame.
 Trump has so much to offer! A pu$$y in every pot; or while snorting coke; or while tweeting at 3 am in the morning?

The GOP has officially endorsed a racist and justified it somehow. It looks like the current avalanche is for their own good because a lot of burden has been taken off them. They can now start plotting on how to purge the party of the deplorable alternate-right Trumpsters before they end up groping and molesting more GOP women.

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