Monday, October 17, 2016

White House Propaganda Machine Set On High!

Biden proved he is the "quintessential" politician during an interview on Meet the Press yesterday. Do not get me wrong this is not necessarily a good thing but he did show that if he had been rejected as a politician he would have excelled in a career as a snake oil salesman. Biden came across as both polished and proper while displaying a solid ability to empathize with the average American working hard to put bread and butter on the table. Looking at Biden spewing out his well-scripted answers it is little wonder that people across the world hold politicians in such low esteem.

Biden All Polished And Proper
Biden is another facet of the White House propaganda machine that has been cranked up to full speed in an effort to make Hillary Clinton the next President. Blame for the negative information about Hillary focused again on the source rather than on the damaging revelations revealed. Washington insiders supporting Clinton have blamed the Russians for hacking into Democratic computers and trying to interfere with the election in an effort to help Trump and discredit Hillary.

Little time was spent on what has come out in the way of leaked E-mails, however, some of the questions and attempts to discount the validity of the information made it clear media bias is well and thriving. This was in sharp contrast to how every and any allegation thrown at Trump has been instantly accepted as true. The theatrics of this  forced me to question the definition of "is" while I struggled to understand how we as a country ever got to such a place.

Michelle, "It has shaken me to my core"
This dovetails well with a great deal of coverage First lady Michelle Obama received after what has been called a rousing speech hammering Donald Trump for vulgar comments he has made about women. Campaigning for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, Obama also addressed new allegations that Trump inappropriately touched women. "It has shaken me to my core in a way that I couldn't have predicted," Obama said about Trump's comments, including those made in a 2005 video that surfaced late last week.

In covering events of the WikiLeaks about what would constitute criminal action and corruption on the part of Clinton over the awarding of contracts in Haiti were quickly discounted. The media seemed to be ignoring and oblivious to the avalanche of substantiated  claims against Hillary, the Clinton Foundation and a slew of their cronies, serious claims where a "public servant" violated both the power of their office and public trust. These are criminal offenses that go far beyond anything Trump is alleged to have done.

The net result of all this is that any viewer seeking real news may find their head left spinning. Indeed no stone has been left unturned when it comes to enabling those in the Clinton camp to justify her actions while Trump supporters faced awkward and thorny questions. This extended into the subject of treason in regard to his statements the election is "rigged" and whether Trump would support the results of the election if and when Hillary wins. One thing is certain and that is more than one group is throwing poison in the well and after the election, a price will be paid.

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