Saturday, October 22, 2016

Trumps Reluctance To Accept Defeat

Are the political polls so far off that they do not reflect reality? With so many blatant lies in the air, what are the American people to believe? Trump's reluctance to accept what is generally called the "election results" if they come in against him has some justification and merit. We should expect no less from this Washington outsider shunned by many of those within his own party. Considering the contentiousness of this contest coupled with the media bias and a White House hell-bent on swaying the election results the idea Trump is somewhat dubious of the establishment is understandable. One thing is clear and that is Trump is a fighter and not a man who goes quietly into the night. Trump has shown the spine to stand up to Washington and galvanized the angst that has bubbled up through the electorate.

Even Springfield Occasionally Shows A Spine
America was formed by people speaking up and letting their voices be heard, this tradition should not be squelched. Many of us cite Al Gore's challenge following the 2000 election as an example of our right, no our obligation. to question the results of an election when the outcome is razor close or fraud is suspected. Not only is it our right it is our duty. When it is a case of handing over the reigns of leadership to someone in the same party that is currently in power, even more, diligence is in order, especially when evidence of collusion exist.

The facade of legitimacy surrounding Hillary Clinton is beginning to crumble as more and more leaks continue to drip out exposing her for what she is. To those supporting her who claim the source of this information is more important than what it reveals, I say not. As to claims made by Hillary during the third debate and many times before and after, that it was the work of the Russians, the National review has come out and said "No, Hillary, seventeen US intelligence agencies did not say Russia hacked Dem e-mails" pointing to the fact that just saying something does not make it true. Like in many highly contested and fiercely heated elections conspiracy theories, spoofs, false stories and scams fill the airwaves making the truth difficult to find.

Of the myths that have crashed to the ground are those that the media is fair and Washington is for and by the people. When it comes to giving tit for tat the media does not even come close in treating Trump the way it has treated Democrats. An example is how Vice President Biden's comment yesterday, “The press always ask me don’t I wish I were debating him? No, I wish we were in high school I could take him behind the gym — that’s what I wish,” were not taken as promoting or condoning violence but instead hailed as a statement of standing up for those who could not defend themselves. The media did not call this controversial nor did comments by Hillary taking about the "basket of deplorables" that support Trump have the affect that cost Romney the last election when he stated that 47% of Americans would never vote for him. 

While many people feel Donald Trump is an asshole, which is defined in the dictionary as a "stupid, incompetent, or detestable person" it must be noted many of us see his detractors as a bit bias and even if it proves to be true, he is our asshole. While Trump is flawed he has not draped himself in the guise of a public servant and fleeced the people for which he served of their trust and wealth. He does not stand before us as a symbol of corruption, he is not guilty of the same kind of lies and broken laws that would have put the average American in prison. So to those who say not pledging to accept defeat is both dangerous and further proof that Trump is unfit I say, methinks you doth protest too much.

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