Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Inequality Could Be Addressed By Removing Our Options

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting and informative YouTube video on the environment that gives information on both sides of the question, "is there a climate change crisis?" A fella who has studied this subject indicated there is not and what we are being told by many so-called experts is more hype than truth. An example is that while he agreed that the earth's oceans were being over-fished, he saw the answer to be growing more of our fish in fish farms. As far as the sea rising, he reminded viewers that Holland is nine feet below sea level, surrounded by dikes, and doing fine.

Still, the world is changing, and as I delved deeper into his views of how society should face its current challenges I became a bit disturbed. Conceding he was generally a liberal, he espoused the message it would be a win-win for the environment to bring the rest of the world into the modern world and it is our duty to do so. While he didn't just come out and say it, this would address inequality across the world at our expense it "kinda would." 

Does This Look Familiar?
To me, this equates to putting us in a row of buildings or little boxes, rationing our food and energy use, and providing people with endless superficial entertainment including virtual travel opportunities and calling the experience life. This promise, where they take away your right to drive or own anything in exchange for more leisure time and less work is a trap well set. Unfortunately, it has the potential to gain traction when put before those on the bottom, often, these people have little to lose. 

His enlightened take was that by reducing inequality across the world pollution would be substantially reduced. He pointed to the fact that poor impoverished nations tend to pollute more than advanced nations and have higher birth rates. An example of this is how poor nations tend to allow raw sewage, plastic bottles, and more to flow down their rivers and into the sea. He envisioned a world where people would live in cities with reduced environmental footprints and have fewer children, problem solved.

Big Brother Wants To Control It All
The idea expressed in the title of this article dovetails with the view of many global elites that think they can sell the idea the world will be a better place without so much inequality. Sadly, simply giving people the illusion they have a choice is enough to quell the desire for freedom in most people.
This is a promise easily broken. Often the choice we are given is akin to choosing the shade of grey that you find least objectionable.

Turning our attention to some of the ideas and vision the World Economic Forum (WEF) has floated should heighten our concern. A powerful one became visible when WEF public relations released a video entitled: “8 Predictions for the World in 2030. Its 2030 agenda offers a telling glimpse into what the technocratic elite has in store for the rest of us. The "By 2030 You'll Own Nothing And Be Happy" message is one of total control and reduced choice cloaked in the promise of, you will be taken care of. 

All in all, truth has suffered greatly under the hands of expanded government control during the pandemic and so much money is still in the pipeline that it is far from over. Dollars approved but not yet spent mean the distortions we are seeing have yet to be fully realized. Even as you are reading this a great deal of money is flowing into the hands of people that will go ballistic at any effort to end the giveaway.

Currently, everything is in play, the views of people are being altered across the board. This is affecting how most people feel about vaccines, cash and banking regulations, the lock-downs, melt-ups in the markets, and more. At this point, it appears the promise of free money flowing off the printing press is winning in the game of controlling the hearts and souls of the masses.  

The fact that promises are often broken points to a most problematic future. I base much of my opposition to addressing inequality by taking away our options on the following three points,

  1. Believing in a myth does not make it so, Utopia and unicorns do not exist.     
  2. The road to happiness will not be achieved by making us all alike or by removing our individuality.
  3. At some point, a culling will take place by those in charge or led by artificial intelligence

We have all seen young children grab a toy and scream "mine." Some things fly in the face of human nature and history shows that getting along is not a quality man excels in. The spirit of man does not conform to being boxed in. The fact is we are not all equal and some individuals have far more potential than others, this reinforces the notion any experiment to exhibit control over individuals will end in failure.

Many of us that believe there is such a thing as a "free lunch" take the stand that addressing inequality by taking away the options of individuals is a piss poor way to meet that objective and those creating such a plan live in a, "no cake for thee but cake for me world." I also contend that people will be in no hurry to surrender their materialistic desires, that will only happen when pigs take to flight.


Footnote: the two links below relate to this article. The first is the article mentioned in the first paragraph alleging climate change is not likely to be the end of us. The second tells of the vision the WEF has developed. 


 https://By 2030 You'll Own Nothing And You'll Be Happy.html

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  1. Bruce I am saddened to read that you would consider this charlatan Michael Shellenberger's cherry-picked, skewed,slanted and almost totally one-sided data, as "interesting and informative".
    Every graph and image of Shellenberger's 'data' came from 'Environmental Progress (EP)', the website he founded in 2016, and I will only illustrate one piece of fantasy he alleges @ 22:28 in his video presentation on "Population Density of Various Hunter and Gatherer Societies" where he claims there were 617.5 million North America Prairie Indians on that land and 153 million Australian Aboriginies occupying that land.( estimates of the number of people living in Australia at the time that colonization began in 1788, vary from 300,000 to a million, upper estimates as high as 1.25 million)
    This naive umbrage at the "By 2030 You'll Own Nothing And Be Happy" when people should be aware by now that bad faith actors would likely be using every insidious, psychologically manipulative,deliberately false, forked-tongue trick in the book, to sow dissent/alarm/panic/anger or 'test the water', or even just have a laugh, is worrying, especially by a smart guy like you.

    1. Pascal, I'm sorry to have saddened you, I find lots of things "interesting and informative". I did not agree with much of what he said, but I do appreciate his sentiment that we are "not all doomed" because of climate change. As the article above indicates, I did not agree with MANY of his views. By the way, I suspect he makes a fairly good living doing what he does. Thanks for the comment, BW

  2. Fom Michael.
    Phew !
    Simply for the moment, "Count your blessings with choice and feel for thos who cannot".
    I have seen life change Iam 85. So I appeciate what has been surmised for our future. I wish every one a secure and useful senescence. There's much to be done to guide the next generation.

    Good luck everyone

  3. If one studies tyranny, government, long enough, one will discover a few axioms for same. The second being:

    Government Axiom #2: "Government being nothing more than a criminal syndicate, always accomplishes the opposite of the stated goal, as the stated goal is always a lie."

  4. Zero Hedge ran this article under the title"Removing People's Options "Is A Piss Poor Way" To Address Inequality"
    I have to agree it is a much better title. Keeping a title short has its drawbacks.

  5. I agree with the third caption that "Big Brother Wants To Control It All". Except I think this time it's a march to make this global. It's the realization of George Orwell's book 1984.

    Even more so is the thought by former Assistant Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts that eventually you will be controlled to the point where the Global State will control what you can buy and how far from home you can go. If you are not a good boy or good girl to the State, they can shut off your money so many miles from your home.

    That very well could be our future but as I will turn 63 later this year, that is not my future but it could well be the future of the new generation as they are being conditioned to accept whatever the State wants them to hear.