Wednesday, September 1, 2021

What's Happening In Afghanistan Has Made Us Less Safe

History shows an aggressive vocal minority can ride herd over a docile majority more concerned about getting on with life than controlling others. What Is Happening In Afghanistan is a good reason to not invite people into your country unless you are sure they embrace your values. Americans seem split down the middle on many issues and the carnage that is about to unfold in Afghanistan will prove that mixing people with different beliefs and values is not a recipe for social cohesion. The Taliban returning and taking control of Afghanistan appears to be a situation where a small group can rule by creating fear.

It Is Done, America Has Left
 Some people argue that overall, the average Afghan being conservative and religious has little problem with this. That is one way to explain how the government supported by America fell in 11 days. I tend to think a combination of other factors led to our Afghan effort dissolving before our eyes. 

Whether America was viewed as an interloper and outside force trying to exert its force upon Afghans, corruption and our arrogance certainly played their part. Then there were all the signals we would leave behind and betray those that helped us, which we did. Those signals did little to instill confidence in those wanting to bring about change. Last but not least the Taliban were willing to bring to the table a brutal reality many people find unacceptable, that is, join us or die.

Many sayings apply to what we seeing happening before our eyes. Things such as success has many fathers and failure is an orphan. Even the proverb you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. It would be wrong to say the story ends here, we, meaning the people that do such things, will spend countless hours and a great deal of our money "looking into" and "studying what went wrong" expect no one to be held accountable.

The President Decided But Didn't Plan
Have no doubt, fingers will be pointed at those involved for not years but decades. The President who ultimately created the withdrawal of our troops had a plan which amounted to, "just do it and hope for the best." This means he will forever carry the shame for what has and is about to happen. Standing before the American people defiantly saying the buck stops here and promising ISIS K will pay for its actions does nothing to lessen his blame or make him appear competent.

While it is difficult to predict how events will unfold we should expect the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan has Long-term ramifications. Whether we are talking about the Taliban, ISIS, or Al-Qaeda which remains a militant Sunni Islamist multi-national organization, we are talking about people most of us view as America-hating terrorists. One of the most mind-blowing parts of all this is President Biden in an act of massive stupidity has left billions and billions of usable US military hardware and explosives in the hands of these people.


Like the rings flowing from a stone landing in a pool of water what is occurring in Afghanistan is likely to spread. An emboldened Taliban with its estimated 75,000 fighters now have the courage to flex their newfound muscle. Over time this may mean millions of people are killed by those sharing their beliefs. The inspiration and justification for acts of war come in many forms. Religion has always ranked high on this list. It is also a key reason things may not remain contained. 

Taliban Parade Of "Captured" Weapons
Efforts to muddy the water with a feeble and pathetic defense by the President claiming he decided on the wise course does not make it so. His decision to trust the Taliban is filled with danger. Like many people looking at this mess, my big problem is how this was done. President Biden can only hope hurricane Ida, wildfires out west, and Covid-19 news may distract Americans from the wheels now set in motion. 

The ugly reality we face is that with new confidence flowing from their victory over America and the huge arsenal listed above our enemies stand rejuvenated. It is silly to think they will not expand their goals or that this is truly over. While many people will argue letting these weapons fall into enemy hands was part of the Military-Industrial Complex's goal to continue an "endless war" that only makes it worse.   


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  1. The United States of America has become like the prankster kids who light a bag of dog poo on your front door, ring the doorbell and they quickly run away. You answer the door, look down, notice something is on fire and you stomp it out with your foot only to realize it was just a prank and now "you are left with cleaning the stinky mess".

    That's what the USA has been doing for decades. Political correctness has made the once mighty US military damaged goods. They start wars and conflicts they have NO desire to see to the end. But here's the catch, it's all on purpose. They ruin once thriving Countries and leave them in ruin which causes neighboring Nations to deal with the mess.

    Remember those prankster kids?