Thursday, January 6, 2022

My Reaction To The January 6th Thing, Is Just Let It Go

My reaction to the January 6th thing is a few people got carried away and others from the left egged them on. BREAKING NEWS: Today, Hypocrisy In America Has Reached New Heights!

America's Shocked-Reaction Caught On Tape

Yes, Trump said some stuff but the reaction of horror and shock is a bit over the top. No matter how you paint it, a protest gone wrong does not constitute an insurrection to overthrow the government. In a sane world, voters would be showing a little more interest in what issues are really important going forward. The Washington establishment and the crony capitalist who have made it their life raping and plundering the country for their gain are giddy over the idea voters can so easily be distracted from the big picture. By shining the spotlight on Trump's flaws, that we knew existed all along, they seek to avoid being rejected and cast into the street.

Do you remember this? 

  1. Kathy Griffin retweets pic of bloody Trump head as ...

    KATHY Griffin has re-tweeted her controversial Donald Trump severed head photo after the president claimed victory in the election. The picture shows a stony-faced Griffin holding an effigy of Trump’s decapitated, bloodied head and came soon after his extraordinary early morning White House statement. 4

    • Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins
  2. Kathy Griffin: Life After The Trump Severed Head ...

    Comedian Kathy Griffin posted a photo of herself holding up a Donald Trump mask made to look like a severed head. That was May 2017. And since then, she's been blacklisted. But …

    I did not see any of this as reason for Congress to approve some 400 million dollars to beef up security around the Capital building. That is a lot of money and far more money than it should cost! Are they planing to coat the new reinforced doors in gold? 

    Footnote; We would all be better off if politicians and the media stopped trying to divide us.

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  1. The Democrats - and 'others' - are moulding yet another 'political mountain' out of a molehill.