Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Washington Specializes On Putting Lipstick On A Pig

The Words Of George Orwell Still Ring VeryTrue
The government in Washington like those in other countries specialize in putting lipstick "On A Pig." During the Presidential campaign, Trump referred to Washington as a swamp that needed to be drained. The fact his Democratic opponent was perceived as unacceptable by many voters seems to have played more into his unlikely election than the populist message he espoused. Washington is a hotbed of deceit. Those with an agenda constantly deceive us by declaring they care about us as they go about claiming they are doing gods work. The crux of this piece is more about the Herculean task of "draining the swamp" than Trump's success or failures. More than once over the decades America's frustration with the Federal government has led to voters empowering an outsider with the responsibility of dealing with an establishment so entrenched as to usurp democracy and set an agenda designed to enrich and further their aims.

The Truth Often Lurks Beneath The Surface
Strangely, as time has passed it seems the polarizing divide that grips the nation might be planned or contrived merely to create a pathway to greater power by the forces that hold us hostage. By pitting American against American those in Washington have created an environment of gridlock where they can run free to continue exploiting the masses. It is not surprising this has left a large number of citizens feeling like pawns or slaves in a land where they have little say over their fate or the policies that shape their lives. It could be part of the reason many Americans do not even bother to vote or involve themselves in politics at any level. This may also be why people care little if the government shuts down, some almost rejoice seeing a shutdown as a method of revenge on a government unrestrained. Ironically, when a shutdown happens, most federal employees, there are about 2.8 million of them, are placed on unpaid furlough but suffer not when all is said and done. Though there "appears to be no guarantee" that they will eventually be paid, in practice they always have been, retroactively, via legislation passed by Congress, this means the time off become in effect a paid holiday.

The Media Is Stirring The Pot And Increasing Polarization
The fact the media is complicit or even guilty of stirring the pot and egging us on does little to help the country run in a smooth and orderly fashion. It could be argued that while media has a responsibility to the nation rather than serving the country they have chosen to put their interest first. Things have gotten so bad that the term "fake news" has grown common as those on different sides of issues continue to bang away at their opposition creating a very polarized nation. News continually flows from the government (some people call much of this propaganda), the media, and from those with special interest or an agenda. This has become so bad that it almost appears intentional. Could it be those in power want a divided populous so that they can do as they want with little consensus to stop them?

Part of the motivation of this article is driven by some recent thoughts about Jimmy Carter's time in office. Jimmy Carter served as the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981 is a man with a mixed legacy. As president, his tenure suffered from the Iran hostage crisis and he was considered ineffective and possibly the worst President in modern history. Carter was the nation’s chief executive during a time of serious problems at home and abroad. His perceived inability to deal successfully with those problems led to an overwhelming defeat in his bid for reelection.  After leaving office, Carter embarked on a career of diplomacy and advocacy for which in 2002 he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Today Jimmy Carter is loved and respected by many for his good work.

Few of us remember back to the Carter Presidency with any great detail because we were young or not even born when the media and his opponents leveled their guns and fired criticism at him. One thing that few people debate is that he was clearly a Washington outsider and reflecting on this I have to wonder if that marked him for failure from the get-go. Possibly it was just a sign of the times. Carter was of course followed by Ronald Reagan who while also an outsider was better known to the American people because of appearing before them on television and the silver screen. Whether it is the failures of those we send to Washington or the insiders and establishment portraying them as buffoons when it suits them those inside the beltway will quickly bring out the lipstick to bolster their cause.

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