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Is Biden "Finally" In Serious Trouble?

I very seldom watch Fox News or Tucker Carlson but he recently attracted my attention with a piece titled; "Biden is in serious trouble tonight."This was in reference to the recent dust-up over Biden's sloppy handling of classified documents. He compares Joe Biden to former New York Governor Cuomo noting Cuomo's rapid fall from grace. 

Carlson says that when a political party feels a politician can no longer do anything for the party they are quick to throw them under the bus. In this case, Carlson points out that Biden's big mistake is that following the midterm election, Biden on several occasions voiced interest in staying around for another term in office. His running for office in 2024 is something most Democrats don't relish.  

As Tucker Carlson gave his take on the discovery of President Biden's mishandled classified documents, he points out that the mishandling of classified documents has opened a can of worms that Biden may be unable to close. This article is not a glorious expos'e but rather the observation that as an old-time politician Biden is as crooked as a country road. Here is the link to the Carlson piece; in case I misinterpreted any of it.

With Republicans controlling the House, they now have the power to launch an investigation that is likely to spiderweb into areas of his life Biden would rather keep sheltered from the public. Each thread they pull on has the potential to unravel into stories of corruption and Biden has left a lot of places to look at for proof of misdeeds. Biden's reputation is ripe for plucking considering for years allegations of misdeeds have been swirling around what is often referred to as the "Biden crime family."

Carlson, in his broadcast, paints a picture of how Biden could be offed the stage by not only Republicans but members of his own party. He likened the situation to what we saw when Gov. Andrew Cuomo suddenly announced that he would step down after a wave of scandals, many of them involving sexual harassment, ensnared his administration and left him facing impeachment. Politics is an occupation where a dramatic fall from grace can come fast and furious. 

The same media that tends to fawn over a politician can also be quick to bring out the knives and stab them in the back. It could be argued that Biden never has had a large thronging group of admirers but was rather placed in a position of power as the least bad choice as a result of backroom deal-making. This implies Biden's strings are being pulled by someone behind a curtain. 

Some people even have gone as far as likening or calling Biden's administration "Obama 3.0" or “Obama’s third term.” This implies Biden's strings are being pulled by someone behind a curtain. While few Americans relish the rise of Kamala Harris to President, that is what we might be facing. This could be taken as evidence our political system is flawed beyond repair.

The FBI Came Hard During Trump Raid
Returning to the issue of classified documents, a former Obama administration ethics chief recently criticized Joe Biden's handling of classified documents as a breach of national security protocols. It has also been pointed out this scandal is being handled far differently than former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago situation. All in all Biden's current dilemma should not be swept under the rug as a simple mistake by a forgetful but well-meaning public servant. 

Adding to the fire is the issue of whether Biden camp's failure to disclose the mishandling of classified material found before the 2022 midterms could be considered election interference. Since then more document mishandling has been reported by the New York Times. It seems that "additional pages of classified information" have been found at President Biden's Delaware home. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced in a well-publicized press conference appointed a special counsel to investigate Biden's handling of classified materials. It is debatable as to whether Garland did this to appear impartial or is part of a move to usher Biden from the Presidency and out to pasture. This development dovetail with new revelations coming out such as claims Hunter Biden was paying Joe Biden an outrageous fifty thousand dollars a month to rent the Wilmington, Delaware house where classified documents were recently found.

Hunter listed the "Monthly Rent" as $49,910, in the house where the documents were found, this is about $550,000 for the eleven months he indicated he lived there. This is in an area where the most expensive homes rent for $6,000 per month. What is going on here, tax evasion or money laundering? This raises some serious questions. Hunter was supposedly broke at the time but paying his wealthy father far more for rent than anyone can imagine.

This ties back into an email from Hunter's business partner James Gilliar about a venture with Chinese state-funded energy company CEFC China Energy. The email stated that Hunter and his partners would receive 20% of the shares in the new business, with 10% going to James Biden and the other 10% being “held by H for the big guy." Tony Bobulinski, another one of Hunter’s former business partners, claims Joe Biden was the individual referred to as the “big guy.” We also have been told that Hunter made statements to his daughter in early 2019 that include, "But don’t worry, unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary."

It appears that Hunter was taking millions of dollars from businessmen tied to Chinese military intelligence while living in the house rented from his father. This is where the classified material, including documents relating to foreign nations, was found. During this time, Hunter Biden was in the grip of a debilitating addiction to cocaine and alcohol and suffered from frequent blackouts and loss of memory. While a case has not been made that Hunter Biden while in this state of mind gave documents to the Chinese it seems very possible.

The ties Biden's family had with the Chinese government, including military intelligence, have benefited them greatly. We know Hunter and the entities President Biden’s brother controlled received at least $4.8 million from the Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC. This company is tied to the Chinese military. But there is more, Hunter Biden received an additional $1 million from Patrick Ho, a CEFC official that was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison.

None of this bodes well for the President and gives the impression the Chinese government was bribing him and his family. Remember that both giving and taking bribes is a crime and opens up a pathway to blackmail. Biden looks "very dirty" and this is before we even start reviewing dealings in Ukraine, Russia, and even Iraq. Treason is defined as an act of disloyalty against a nation or national sovereign by a citizen of that nation. Such an act of betrayal can result in a death sentence. 

While nobody is talking about treason, I have to wonder if the shoe fits. Many Americans have lost faith in Washington and the justice system as a whole. With that in mind and after witnessing the shenanigans flowing from our nation's capital is it any wonder low expectations exist as to whether we will get a clear picture of what the Bidens have been up to over the years?


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