Sunday, January 22, 2023

The Fallout From A Nuclear War Cannot Be Discounted

The fallout that would come from a nuclear war should not be discounted. Only by facing the ugly reality of such an event can we be motivated to make sure it never happens. This is a subject so appalling most of us avoid thinking about a nuclear attack in realistic terms. Other than seeing such horrific scenes in movies few of us can envision how the world would be immediately transformed following such an event. 

It seems that warmongers may not be taking to heart the implications of their actions. Rest assured many of the perpetrators of such an event, and those they love would be tucked away in their bunkers safe from harm with visions of resurfacing in positions of power when things calm down. If you think the picture I paint is too grim, the sad thing is you may need to give the situation a bit more thought.

Around 15,000 Nuclear Bombs Exist
Around 15,000 nuclear bombs exist today and almost all of them are many times more powerful than the ones unleashed at the end of World War II.  They target large and important areas and once launched the missiles that deliver these bombs move fast. This means people will have little or no time to prepare for their arrival.

Few of us want to delve into the idea that all the things we perceive as normal and good could vanish in the blink of an eye. The fallout we would be forced to deal with would not be limited to only the nuclear kind falling from the sky. It would include the impact of such an event on society. Simply put, imagine the unimaginable. Even before we deal with death and destruction other issues emerge. The one thing few will argue is that it would create a degree of chaos far beyond anything most of us have ever experienced.

It is difficult to imagine the fear that would be generated if even the power of one of these bombs is unleashed. People would scurry out of areas that were considered possible targets like rats leaving a sinking ship. Unfortunately, it is difficult to scurry over clogged roadways. This is when the realization would dawn upon people rushing to move themselves and their families to safety that such places are few and far apart. 

This is where "rubber would meet the road" or things be put to the test. Some people would without thinking risk life and limb for others or a family pet, while others would think only of themselves. Knowing it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the rest, with little accountability, I expect man's inhumanity to man would quickly surface. It would be wise to expect ugly acts of selfishness too far outnumber those of kindness.

Places Where It Might Be Safe To Go
We need to feed into this scenario that it is likely stores will not reopen in the following weeks. Where would they get workers? Also, what is the likelihood of shipments coming in to restock shelves? The same should be expected when it comes to all utilities. Not only water and electricity but even the flow of natural gas would stop. The combination of damage, few skilled workers reporting to their jobs, and general chaos create a grim picture of a post-nuclear war world. 

Not only are we looking at shortages and a total breakdown of the supply chain we must consider the fact much of society would most likely adopt a "survival of the fittest" attitude. This would rapidly become apparent as carjackings soared, looting exploded, and guns come out. As far as getting medical help, expect that to be nonexistent. Adding to the misery of those that survive will be the radiation flowing from nuclear plants that could not be shut down and the weather which in many areas tends to run either too cold or too hot through much of the year.

Guessing the odds of a nuclear bomb exploding above our heads is not easily done. If you happen to be close to such a blast, it would be a moot point in that you would not even have time to say, "Oh shit!" The heat would instantly turn you to toast sparing you the agony of having to deal with the fallout or suffering a slow painful death.  

The Damage From A Nuclear Bomb Is Massive
Most of us do not have access to a fully stocked bomb shelter and if we did, there is no guarantee we could get to it. While moving to an area out in the middle of nowhere and stocking up on supplies that would spoil over time is the best way to improve your chance of survival, it is not something most people are willing or choose to do considering this may never happen. 

The article above describes and touches on just a few of the hellish things we could encounter in the following a post-apocalypse event. With this in mind, it would be wise to create a plan to survive the aftermath if that is your goal. Such a plan would not only greatly enhance your chance of surviving but make life more comfortable than if you leave things totally to chance. 


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  1. A single nuclear weapon being detonated in an attack would collapse the modern world overnight. The cities would empty at least half their population, and millions would die within a week from just the violence of the reaction. With the follow-on results of the supply chain collapsing, starvation would take half of us inside a year. And I am just talking about the US.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree, it would be a game-changer. This is something that could happen without warning and surprisingly, few people give it much thought. This is something society is totally unprepared for.

  2. Agree with Yancey, but I'll go further. There doesn't need to be a large nuclear attack, or even a single standard nuclear bomb, to inflict a devastating blow to the the USA and Europe. If just a single tactical nuke hits a European or American city, it will be the end of the world as we know it. There will be mass panic with hoards of people escaping the cities, looting and riots, grocery stores will empty out within a few days, the stock market will collapse, and the overall economy will tank. The govt. will then institute martial law and our freedoms will disappear. Money printing will recommence, which will cause hyperinflation due to the shortages caused by what will then be WW3. Every day we inch closer to this nightmare scenario actually happening because of the "whatever it takes for as long as it takes" attitude of our dishonest, corrupt, and foolish leaders.
    I was on board with punishing Russia for their invasion of Ukraine, but now this conflict only continues to escalate and has openly become a war against Russia on the part of NATO, so it's time to negotiate a treaty and end this conflict.

  3. It is troubling because there will be no winners, just a lot of lovers, as we deal with the aftermath of a Nuclear War. Far too many unknowns even with one strike, that will increase exponentially with multiple strikes.
    The survivors, those who manage to steer clear of the Fallout, will be abruptly thrust into Hunter-Gatherers, as they desperately attempt to survive.
    Living in the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD), for most of my life, I came to terms with the fact I'm at Ground Zero for multiple strikes. They may have shut NORAD down officially, but unofficially, it's very much still an active base.
    I don't drink anymore, but in my study, I've a bottle of 25 year old Single Malt Glenmorangie. When the missiles start flying, I shall Crack open that bottle, pour myself a tumblers, and toast us all. We had a good run, but all things must end. SlĂ inte.

  4. The ugly video below gives us an idea of how a nuclear war would be waged, Most likely it would be fast and furious. There is also a follow-up video that adds to the destruction.