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Holly Molly! New Japanese Woman Robot Better Than Real

Holly Molly! Japanese Woman Robot Better than Real. The following commentary is partly written tongue-in-cheek, partly in horror, and partly as a social commentary. The idiom tongue-in-cheek, of course, refers to a humorous, high-spirited, or sarcastic statement expressed in a mocking manner. The thoughts focus on the integration of more and more robots into society a subject I have explored on several occasions.

The whole subject of robots extends past what they are and their capabilities and into what they represent to us or rather into what we want them to be. With this in mind, the news that Japan has just released fully performing female robots intersects with several possible emotions. Your personal reaction is most likely linked to how you feel about artificial intelligence. 

Most rational people concede AI carries with it the seed for the destruction of mankind or could make humans redundant. This is the dark side of AI which includes killer drones and a slew of other non-emotional killing machines. Pushing aside the view that AI is a poisonous pill, it also holds the potential to make our lives better. Robots guided by AI could complement the human race by acting as servants and making our lives more pleasurable. 

The first thing to acknowledge is that Japan is technologically advanced and makes great use of robots. It employs a lot of robots in almost every aspect of its industry. Japan has unveiled many crazy robots over the years and continues this tradition by now announcing they have developed the first fully performing female robots.

This claim brings forth many questions such as, what are these robots? What are they supposed to do? How do they even function? Many of those questions are answered in the following video; Spoiler alert, this video claims these woman robots are warm to the touch, smart, flexible, and more.

This dovetails with an article that appeared on AdvancingTime on October 20th of 2015 titled "Sex-bots Could Make Your Spouse Obsolete." The article in a sarcastic and spirited manner suggested both men and women alike, might consider replacing their significant other with an obedient robot. It focused on the benefits of living with an agreeable companion dedicated to simply putting our happiness and well-being before anything else.

Of course, the reactions to such personal companion robots often drift down the path of sexual possibilities. While many people consider such thoughts as "perverted" many others take what they consider a more "enlightened" attitude. Below are a few of my favorite comments tied to the announcement and promotion of Japan's fully performing female robot.

  •  You had me at ‘these robots are extremely flexible…
  •  Wow, I've seen people stretch their content before but this was like a master class.
  •  Finally, a woman that comes with instructions and a remote!
  • This is a good thing. This will help weed out those who are not interested in putting in the work and effort required for a real and meaningful relationship. It’s a win-win for everyone. 
  •  I'm not sure if this is the coolest thing ever or the saddest.
  • As brilliant as the work is, the ultimate question is "why, once evolved enough, would robots not simply replace humans?". How evolved are the ones they don't show us, the military ones? This whole science is giving dynamite and a hammer to a gorilla. Something is bound to go wrong. 
  •  I would buy these if it is globally launched 
  • Japan never fails to alarm me.
Is This Better Than Real?
It was not difficult to predict we would try to turn machines into the "perfect companion." We should all try to be grownups and face the fact that robots can be used for things other than moving items around the factory floor. Today, robots are being looked at to fulfill a variety of needs, some of these uses are less distasteful than the killing machines the military seeks, and some are destined to become rather controversial. Many articles have been written about how robots are being groomed to help and assist in the care of the elderly, but it is clear that they have the potential to fulfill many of our other needs as well. The integration of robots into our culture will bring about massive changes in society.

For as long as I can remember people have tried to infuse human qualities onto inanimate objects. Everything from pet rocks to automobiles have been referred to by their owners as "she's a beauty." This could be considered proof that many people have a desire for objects to reflect something beyond what the world originally granted these objects the ability to muster. Most of us harbor the desire to be liked, loved, cherished, and exist in an environment free of criticism. Physical closeness or contact often is a part of this. My experience leads me to believe a good percentage of humans are a bit strange, weird, or off and becoming more so every day, in many cases, we might be surprised how many people could shift their feelings of companionship to a well-designed robot. 
Humans do not live on bread alone, but again, even a good home-cooked meal is something a "love-reflecting" robot could provide, and in many cases, their cooking might be far better than that of the spouse many of us might choose, or get stuck with. This article was written to inform readers of the progress being made in robotics rather than defend or change how they think about them. It is impossible to deny there is a great deal of money to be made in robotics. This almost guarantees, that if not halted by some type of regulations, the production of robots is destined to grow into a massive part of the economy. 
All in all, it will be very interesting to see how society embraces robots to fulfill different roles in our lives as technology moves forward. A few final thoughts about what a future might look like if mankind gracefully integrates robots into our lives and culture. The economics of such a companion or mate also is already at an acceptable level for many people. One thing is certain, and that is the rich will have access to the best and most advanced units. With a good warranty and little maintenance, such a robot purchased on payments might render the purchaser large savings when compared to a high-maintenance spouse. 
Please consider this piece a social commentary on what we have become, or where we might be heading. If nothing else it should help bring into focus the fact that in our fast-changing world we have a slew of decisions to make concerning the boundaries we place on society. In a future post I may explore what might happen if a sex-bot becomes dysfunctional or in human terms "goes mad." even worse that it decides it "deserves" and then demands respect. Of course, that is for another time, for now, I will let you ponder what you have just read.
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  1. People should listen to Glenn Becks podcast on "Man's Final Invention". There he discusses the dangers of AI and how it can eventually learn and become equal if not more powerful than the human brain, except if has NO emotion and uses pure logic.

    My big problem with robots is that yes the primary selling point will be for lonely people to have their sex toy robot. The really big problem is that it will further erode the nuclear family and make people more anti social. We already are trending in the direction with smartphones where I see kids starring at their screen 80% of the time. They lack social skills and hide behind their screens. AI robots will feed into this behavior and only make it worse,

    That is the danger. I see a civilization that is getting wonkier and more destabilized as the years pass and much of it has to do with the ever increasing dependence on technology. Here's a little tidbit. Steve Jobs did NOT allow his kids to use an iPhone or iPad for the same reasons we see today. Kids are hooked on their electronic gadgets. It's almost like a drug to them. AI robots will just pile on.

  2. Of course people will want robots that can satisfy their every desire and do the work they don't want to do. Plus, a robot won't complain, it won't be deceitful, spiteful, or resentful, it will have no ulterior motives, and it won't betray you. It will be a truly faithful worker or companion.
    Will they become advanced enough to threaten or conquer humanity? Possibly. We would have to take measures to ensure that they cannot.
    By the way, I would be careful listening to anything Glenn Beck says. He is a con man who got filthy rich by lying and fearmongering.

  3. Thanks for covering this very interesting article, which has enormous social, moral,ethical and economic ramifications.
    Why such very consequential ramifications are covered widely in the MSM to enlighten AND encourage lively debate is sadly NOT a puzzle to me.
    "In Japan, a fully functional wife robot has been released. The price, which in this case is 345,000 dollars, may put you off... A million dollars can be paid for a single robot, but no one will be able to purchase it. You can only purchase it if you have been invited to do so... For instance, the robot we discussed at the beginning cost between half a million and a million dollars. "

    A potential sexual and/or emotional debt trap ? ... or a plaything and/or fully compliant workhorse for the rich ?

  4. Sorry, a correction : ^ "Why such very consequential ramifications are ^*NOT*^ covered widely in the MSM to enlighten AND encourage lively debate is sadly NOT a puzzle to me."
    Apologies at my lack of 'due diligence' !! Bruce.

    1. Pascal, no problem, and thanks for the comment. The error only underlines the fact you are human and not some kind of robot. I'm assuming, the mistake was not intentional and that you are indeed human and not a robot attempting to imitate man by appearing flawed. Thanks again for weighing in.