Sunday, August 21, 2022

The Threat Of Liz Cheney As A Tool To Split The Party

Last Sunday morning on Meet The Press in the last few minutes they brought up the subject of Liz Cheney making a run for President in 2024. When it comes to me expressing my opinion of her odds of winning such a bid I will keep my mouth shut. History shows that we can sometimes be very very right, and at other times, very, very wrong. Let the AdvancingTime Article where I dissed, even mocked, Biden when he entered the 2020 Presidential race and his slim odds of getting elected remain buried deep in the archives of this blog.

The greatest threat posed by Liz Cheney may be that she could split the Republican Party and hand the Democrats the next Presidential election. Consider the Ross Perot scenario, years ago he pulled enough votes away from George Bush Senior to hand the election to Bill Clinton. This role as a spoiler still exists and if Trump does run, never Trumpers and Democrats would fund her campaign simply to torpedo the Don.

The polls were correct that neocon Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) would lose her congressional seat in the primaries. Her poorly-received crusade against former President Donald Trump proved to be her Waterloo. To say Cheney sparked a conservative backlash in her district where 70% of Wyoming voters chose Trump in 2020 is an understatement. Her participation as vice chair of the January 6th committee, and her stand that there's never been a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump didn't do Liz any favors.

One of the biggest dangers faced by Republicans is the party will be split by those old-school Republicans that still wish to control its future. So here is Cheney, she is still viewed by many as a "Never Trumper - warmongering - commie hater" extension of her father. Their refusal to concede power and willingness to cut off their nose to spite their face continues to exist. That of course does not imply the Democrats are in great shape going into future elections. 

The Democratic Party also has its demons, not only has it failed to govern since returning to power but they have moved way farther to the left than many Americans. Their abuse of the political system coupled with poor leadership at the top has left many voters underwhelmed. After my bad call on Biden's chance of becoming President, while not a fan, I will not say Liz Cheney has no political future but I will say her next role may be that of a spoiler.


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  1. They say a picture tells a thousand words. If that picture of Liz Cheney doesn't tell you what a fake the two party political system really is, then nothing will. You have a closet democrat posing as a Republican and Republicans going along with the closet Democrat.